Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Personality Adjectives Lesson for after exams

Started by katetillett

Post Exam Personalities Lesson

Started by Jugazza

Team Charades

Started by Bora7777

Fashion Show

Started by Randall_Kimball

Let's Travel Lesson

Started by davjs

Hanukkah (Advanced 2nd & 3rd Year)

Started by meganekko

Class on Korean Holidays

Started by tina_ajj

Presentation Ideas

Started by crockojnr

Biggest, fastest longest etc. worksheet and Power Point

Started by Cereal

what types of english learner are you?

Started by Gabby

Christmas and Thanksgiving Movies with Korean Subtitles

Started by Abbyite

Which Pearson-Longman book for middle school winter camp?

Started by Canonite

The Mentalist Season 4 Worksheets and Videos

Started by bhwung

Bingo game_Who is the singer?

Started by Gabby

Personality Test (animal and color)

Started by Gabby

Pop Song: Lucky - Jason Mraz

Started by cocoinkorea

what do you do when you wolk with your boy or girlfriend?

Started by Gabby

Personality Test

Started by Gabby

Korea compared to others....

Started by Shezza

Different Cultures

Started by happycamel

UK v.s. US lesson Ideas

Started by jwoon

Personality Traits & blood types

Started by agarrett

Giving Advice Powerpoint

Started by cmdeme

Pop Song: Just The Way You Are - Bruno Mars

Started by cocoinkorea

Pop Song: My Love - Westlife

Started by cocoinkorea

Pop Song: Forget You - Cee Lo (Glee Version)

Started by cocoinkorea

Pop Song: Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson

Started by cocoinkorea

Indian culture

Started by RT

Save the princess adventure game

Started by ArcaneSoul

Famous Foods from around the world

Started by kirsten

Places of Business (Names of Shops)

Started by agarrett

How has Life changed in 50 years?-Oral English class

Started by elveaho

grade 3 after exams: busy work lessons?

Started by thbsp

Lesson on Cooking

Started by vashthestampyd

DAY OF THE DEAD- Dia de los Muertos

Started by sheedi

No Nature, No Future. Grade 1 Unit 10. Middle School. Recycling Bomb game.

Started by more porko

End of the Year Party Ideas - (and problems)

Started by stamerjam

Classroom Management - Middle School

Started by anacapa1425


Started by elveaho

What to do with completely uninterested 3rd graders?

Started by fatboy


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