Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Music Expressions, giving opinions

Started by danielspaniel

Middle School Grade 3 Lesson 6 Extreme Sports Warnings!!

Started by lennonloverlady

Clothing and Accessories

Started by agarrett

Police Slang

Started by sheedi

Diary writing for an afterschool class

Started by magicalmerlinmark

Intro Lesson Plan for First Day

Started by Leepm

Walking In The Park SONG

Started by apantelmann

Help me make a lesson about handicaps

Started by hunterst

4 who wants to be a millionaire games

Started by jeonjubibimbap

Teaching Present Perfect Simple: Have you ever...?

Started by CandiceLee


Started by joepeger

Climate change/Global Warming

Started by thunderlips

Recommendation for Short Stories please

Started by Mokona

Mythological Animals

Started by KanarNaskis

Middle School English Old book. Anyone else using this?

Started by Ticus

English Writing Competitions

Started by NicoleC

Grammar Casino game

Started by cnicolaou2

Help! Need a goodbye game/lesson!

Started by mruelas

Setting up Lesson Plans

Started by Ritzckrakr

Opera Lesson

Started by modman23

New to middle school teaching

Started by jimfred

Fun warmup speaking game for middle schoolers?

Started by The Internationalist

Failing projector

Started by Tomlinson2264


Started by Chuckthebear

15 minute introductory worksheet

Started by danitravels

Music Video Journals

Started by juskajo

Pokemon: Real world animals + some vocabulary

Started by ArcaneSoul

Cosmetic/Beauty Lesson

Started by lowens

After midterms lesson

Started by cg1419

Directions (MC Lesson #27)

Started by MaestroCantus

Tongue Twisters

Started by jsis

Middle School Jeopardy Game

Started by toljin86

Prezi Thanksgiving Lesson

Started by angelcyoung

Prepositions of Motion (MC Lesson #13)

Started by MaestroCantus

Optical Illusions (MC Lesson #12)

Started by MaestroCantus

easy internet/cellphone lingo lesson

Started by MysticOrange27

Wallace and Gromit lesson

Started by mich.elise

Grade 1 Lesson 9 -- On giving directions

Started by stemarty

K-pop songs in English

Started by dtninja831

Jobs vocab lesson

Started by Onedinja


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