Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Reading Topics for Mid-Level

Started by olsand27

Sports Day Conversation Lesson and Taboo Game

Started by mickeyb

Getting students to practice speaking

Started by henrykorea

Newspapers and Facts

Started by landry

R and L lessons

Started by Jimmer

At the Supermarket

Started by somark

Mythological Animals

Started by KanarNaskis

Justin Bieber Filler Activity (bio/videos/fill-in activity/game)

Started by rxqueen

Vegetarianism Lesson

Started by mycombs

Romeo and Juliet after school programme

Started by trendgame

Family Feud with Korean Directions

Started by Orange_Thief

Anti-smoking lesson (modified)

Started by misterf

Grade 2 - Our Friends from Around the World

Started by Rutten

simpsons family

Started by KanarNaskis

Education [ Lesson ]

Started by leo fuchigami

Anti-smoking lesson for middle school

Started by nicki77

Same Sounds Bingo

Started by Yeti

Telephone Etiquette and Activities Lesson

Started by lstephenson556

England Lesson + Worksheet - fun!

Started by superhaz

Hobbies Lesson

Started by mebjones83

5 Angry Birds Quizzes

Started by twak24

Black History Month-February

Started by veasley

World Wonders (My best powerpoint game)

Started by Catfish

4 who wants to be a millionaire games

Started by jeonjubibimbap

Bomb Darts Game - Good for Review

Started by iheartzero

BULLCRAP! Card game

Started by NicKorea2009

midwinter lesson for grade 3?

Started by bluebonnet

Grammar Casino game

Started by cnicolaou2

Guess that movie Hot Seat/20 questions game

Started by kimchi_lover545

BANG! game

Started by cnicolaou2

Leo Teacher's Final Words

Started by leo fuchigami

Lost - stranded on an island lesson

Started by arthurvo

High Town High

Started by Schellib39

Jeopardy game 1

Started by Nicole Jung

eXtreme sports (Would you like to try......)

Started by Dyl

I need suggestions for my open class!! 6th graders ! the universe

Started by Gila

Romance/Dating Lesson Version 2

Started by Orange_Thief

'Design your own country' class

Started by ball031

simple adjectives class

Started by ball031


Started by kirsten


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