Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

wheel of fortune template

Started by Confuscious

Prezie: Is It Practical?

Started by MWeb37

Spot The Difference - Warm-up

Started by dfresh

simple / catchy prosocial songs?

Started by bluebonnet

Beginnings, Middles, and Ends

Started by RWillis

Role Play Lesson

Started by Ollie84

Lesson plan: whats your favourite sport

Started by junxdelux

Motivation Lesson

Started by dnzster7

Unscramble Sentences Game

Started by londone7

Harrod's price is right game

Started by jnew

Chuseok Lesson - Bombs Away Game

Started by mickeyb

Lesson Plan: What is Culture

Started by mystic951

Lesson Plan - Being Sick

Started by aashapero

Vacation Interview

Started by coachbombay

Classroom Questions

Started by smitchlovesfunk

Why is learning English important?

Started by locks

Can you do me a favor, lend, and borrow

Started by AndyT910

Interactive Choose Your Own Adventure Through Youtube

Started by jaysoon17

Readings for mid level

Started by olsand27

More Reading and questions

Started by olsand27

my project

Started by Merryone

Would you rather (this or that)? Middle school conversation

Started by k_belle

tongue twister game

Started by Helena23

English Speaking Countries Trivia Game

Started by KanarNaskis

Making Suggestions (+Fun Basketball Game!)

Started by GreenFloyd

Comparatives Flowchart

Started by gavinsinclair

What is your Dream Vacation

Started by srichard1

Adele Someone Like You

Started by PurpleMonkey

Reading Topics for Mid-Level

Started by olsand27

Sports Day Conversation Lesson and Taboo Game

Started by mickeyb

Getting students to practice speaking

Started by henrykorea

Newspapers and Facts

Started by landry

R and L lessons

Started by Jimmer

At the Supermarket

Started by somark

Mythological Animals

Started by KanarNaskis

Justin Bieber Filler Activity (bio/videos/fill-in activity/game)

Started by rxqueen

Vegetarianism Lesson

Started by mycombs

Romeo and Juliet after school programme

Started by trendgame

Family Feud with Korean Directions

Started by Orange_Thief

Anti-smoking lesson (modified)

Started by misterf


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