Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Middle School Grade 2 low level. Giving Directions

Started by toljin86

Zodiac or "Hey baby, what's your sign?"

Started by sonya

Hilarious video, safe for students, laughs galore

Started by mycombs

Paper airplane game

Started by lcroasda14

Flags lesson

Started by KanarNaskis

Classroom Expressions

Started by GrenWhit

today's lesson plan--finding things in common

Started by Merryone

Neungyule(장) Jeopardy Game (Lesson1~2)

Started by dianeny

How it's made M&M's

Started by Sophie555

April fools day

Started by kobrie22

Cultural differences and similarities

Started by jld9252

[Club Activity] Storybook making - Despicable Me

Started by heydahae

Ideas for the first lessson?

Started by dandred

Need ideas for English boards

Started by kissdisap

Great Easy Personality Test... that's a lot of fun...

Started by holtd2

Help. Need an interactive way to teach, "What's your favorite?"

Started by aieong

Korean male celebrities (memory loss game)

Started by Kirsten.s

The Human Diet - A lesson on what we eat

Started by Epistemology

Pizza Hut Scavenger Hunt

Started by Wintermute

National Emblems and Mottos

Started by Merryone

Making a Diary Lesson

Started by Epistemology

Middle School Classes

Started by Beverly_88

Junk food

Started by viva_jiro

English Fighters #2, Space Adventure

Started by supersoulfly

Grade 3 (low level): pairs/concentration game. Idioms and "what should I do"

Started by more porko

Game - Human Bingo

Started by Jason700

Improv Games

Started by jessi_caw

Hypothetical Situation: Kick a sleeping friend to save his/her life.

Started by jessi_caw

Good exercise to talk about future plans middle school higher level

Started by whodareswins

Story telling for higher middle school learners

Started by whodareswins

Good warm up starter for hobbies

Started by whodareswins

Counting and making questions with present simple (there is, there are, how many

Started by Missyjoymel


Started by Kenisha

Teaching the textbook to uninterested 2nd grade students

Started by stamerjam

Useful prepositions worksheet

Started by chedder


Started by Calender_2012


Started by Calender_2012

How Often Do You....? Expressions of Frequency

Started by mandalynn2104

Movies and TV Conversation lesson- Hidden Picture game and Jeopardy

Started by mickeyb

Fairy Tales after school programme for middle school

Started by trendgame


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