Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Which? Jeopardy

Started by RAKincaide

Fun Lesson on Adjectives

Started by johnny russian

If A, I will B + Jeopardy

Started by RAKincaide

Speaking Based Camps

Started by jslegacy85

Need ideas for a "science" class

Started by alward2

Summer Camp- Around the World

Started by jenniferjeane

What to do when Korean school books teach not to use a/the

Started by John Douglas

Catch the words (PPT)

Started by Cathy322

Easter Trivia

Started by RAKincaide

St. Patrick's Day & Ireland Trivia Game

Started by RAKincaide

Pluck the Turkey Thanksgiving Trivia Game

Started by RAKincaide

Making a Boy Band

Started by RAKincaide

Play, Do, Go + Sports with a Connect 4 Game

Started by RAKincaide

"I think that..." Minority Opinion Game

Started by RAKincaide

Must/Have to Signs Lesson

Started by RAKincaide

I wonder... quiz game

Started by RAKincaide

World Capitals Jeopardy & Relative Adverb "Where"

Started by RAKincaide

Konglish Jokes (Non-sense Jokes)

Started by leo fuchigami

Non-Textbook Curriculum for Middle School - help

Started by Aine Byrne

Movie/Popcorn Theme Lesson

Started by amyb72

Movie/TV genres lesson

Started by alexteacherkorea

Simple English videos for "First, Then, Next, Finally"?

Started by mikeglass

15 lessons

Started by erlend

Comparisons of Adjectives (as + adjective + as)

Started by Lattimore

League of Legends hobby game

Started by net.panda

Birthdays All Around The World

Started by yoonjoon

I'm worried sick about the English Camp:/

Started by kiky4u

Conversation Game Ideas!!

Started by amyb72

Prisoner's dilemma

Started by jimwall5

Pokemon Go (prepositions)

Started by Leo Castro

Easter PPT and Game

Started by duchessrachel

Easter Lesson

Started by mrsamandab

Picture Description Worksheet + PPT

Started by fryan

Christmas Movie Ideas?

Started by ajenkns1

April Fools' Day lesson

Started by jimwall5

Hair Styles + Hairdresser Lesson Plan for Girls

Started by Daejeon Gav

Speaking Class with 3 students

Started by jabretner

K-POP or A-POP game

Started by Tinsley

Homographs and Homonyms

Started by musicboy

Conjunctions lesson

Started by ilpunto


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