Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Jobs lesson

Started by Jessica G

US Middle School Looking for Penpals

Started by chu7

Let's go shopping lesson, using Korean won.

Started by cristenroyce

What's Been the Best Game You've Ever Played?

Started by IRL_sean

Debate class? (any ideas)

Started by tomburrows

Texas Flooding

Started by hilgurl402

JLP orientation week, August 2017, Mock lesson aimed at Middle-school

Started by qwertySA

Cannot seem to find an age-appropriate phonics curriculum for middle schoolers

Started by richardh.stahl

Back to school after summer vacation activities

Started by amyb72

Ideas for dance-themed summer camp?

Started by joya721

Talking(teaching) about Mental Health. Need some ideas.

Started by krissyboo75

After-School English club ideas? (meets daily)

Started by GreenFloyd

Scavenger Hunt lesson for afterschool and camp

Started by lcroasda14

Survey for middle school teachers :)

Started by kimchikiwi

Murder Mystery Weekend Camp

Started by RAKincaide

reading camp

Started by sonofthedude777

Football/Soccer Lesson

Started by david85

How to Cook Cheese Ramyeon

Started by RAKincaide

Middle School club activity ideas??

Started by traveler

Canada Trivia

Started by RAKincaide

New escape room - Harry Potter theme

Started by jimwall5

Western Table Manners and Etiquette Lesson!!!!!!!

Started by Bullit

Making a new Super Quiz for post exam classes. Need help with music section.

Started by alex_ru

Escape Room

Started by jimwall5

Which? Jeopardy

Started by RAKincaide

If A, I will B + Jeopardy

Started by RAKincaide

Speaking Based Camps

Started by jslegacy85

Need ideas for a "science" class

Started by alward2

Summer Camp- Around the World

Started by jenniferjeane

What to do when Korean school books teach not to use a/the

Started by John Douglas

Catch the words (PPT)

Started by Cathy322

Easter Trivia

Started by RAKincaide

St. Patrick's Day & Ireland Trivia Game

Started by RAKincaide

Pluck the Turkey Thanksgiving Trivia Game

Started by RAKincaide

Play, Do, Go + Sports with a Connect 4 Game

Started by RAKincaide

"I think that..." Minority Opinion Game

Started by RAKincaide

Must/Have to Signs Lesson

Started by RAKincaide

I wonder... quiz game

Started by RAKincaide

World Capitals Jeopardy & Relative Adverb "Where"

Started by RAKincaide

Konglish Jokes (Non-sense Jokes)

Started by leo fuchigami


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