Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

Story writing: my most successful class in 6 months

Started by thebryn

Pixar Shorts Lesson (Watch and Write with I-Spy warm up)

Started by trendgame

Price of fame

Started by lynds25288

The Headless horseman

Started by swissmiss


Started by Mekap23

Am I the only middle school teacher feeling lost???

Started by Snorks

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Quiz

Started by jessi_caw

Korean, Greek and Indian culture

Started by Marthame

Any good non-textbook & non-powerpoint activities?

Started by jenilyn8705


Started by Beverly_88

North America

Started by swissmiss


Started by swissmiss

Bruno Mars "Marry You"

Started by sonya


Started by Superchick3

Places on Earth

Started by critchey

Running Man Bomb Game (Version 2)

Started by datsu23

K-Pop Slam - A Bomb Game About English Lyrics in K-Pop Songs

Started by shawol

Conversation Classes?

Started by canuck2012

K-Pop Slam 2

Started by Dexter86

Jeopardy Quiz (ppt)

Started by cooool89

My English festival

Started by Daeguer

Akeelah & the Bee (Worksheets + Korean SUBS)

Started by davjs

End of sememster/after exam Typhoon Game

Started by PBJ

Where can I buy brita water filters?

Started by Daeguer

I Drew a Picture... Lesson

Started by simplypanda

Speaking Test Questions... HELP PLEASE!

Started by carmen123

Facebook Profile Activity

Started by jonfen1984

Olympics PPT, game, bingo & worksheet

Started by samueljnr


Started by huitailang

My new and improved English festival

Started by Daeguer

Can you honestly do fun, class activities with 40 kids?

Started by Daeguer

Walking/Exercise PPT

Started by xKorea

Feelings and Emotions (a bit beyond the basics)

Started by cadeakers

Clothes and Fashion Lesson

Started by Nizzy

Auxiliary verbs/Animals and auxiliary verbs

Started by joel.badali

Always, usually, sometimes, never 1st grade

Started by sambelina78

Brainiac All Lesson Game

Started by andymaw11

Profiling a Criminal

Started by cadeakers

What's Your Favorite _____?

Started by cadeakers

Animal Idioms PPT

Started by HangukYeonghwa


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