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No New Posts Middle School Textbook-Lessons

No New Posts Middle-School Lessons

Middle-School  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for middle-school (high-beginner to low-intermediate) levels. 

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Please organize your posts by Textbook/Non textbook (above) - Middle School

Started by shhowse

Middle School Lesson Plans Reorganization

Started by shhowse

Lesson Plan Master Index (Middle School)

Started by minamteacher

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Christmas, Winter Holidays, Long Info Dump (needs to be looked through)

Started by RuthlessRuthi

Culture Exchange Club

Started by chu7

Christmas Music Videos

Started by Sea914

Forever Young

Started by rainman

Hwa Chong International School Scholarship Program 2021

Started by jz5720

Sentence Patterns

Started by rainman

Lounge Creep Pajamas

Started by rainman

Filler Lesson - If / Then

Started by rachas

TOEFL IBT Activator Listening book? How to make teaching main ideas, etc. fun?

Started by

Movie making ideas

Started by kristadawn

Speaking Test ideas

Started by LindaTheGr8

Middle School/ Strengths and Weaknesses

Started by reganwarner

Autumn and Halloween

Started by rainman

Middle School English 3 by Edward R. Gray

Started by daktariB

Evening Class Fiest

Started by

Where Can We ____? (MC Lesson #20)

Started by MaestroCantus

MS English listening assessment week

Started by bfarrell1987

MOVED: Germany Destroys Brazil!!!

Started by Sara

Middle School Projects

Started by ygdbsk

Need Some Help with Middle School Extra Summer Classes

Started by HiddenInKorea

장영희 textbook lesson 4 for 2nd GRs

Started by jiheui66

Lesson 7: Who will you give a ride? (2nd grade middle school)

Started by kennyalison

Who'd Make a Good ____? (MC Lesson #19)

Started by MaestroCantus

Seeking Pen-Pal exchanges between students

Started by iggyb


Started by pibirogba

Lesson 2. My school bus

Started by sophie0314

Evening classes 2

Started by

Plotting Altitude/temperature Changes in the atmosphere.

Started by

One time English program ideas.

Started by Kayos

MIDDLE SCHOOL ENGLISH 3 - Lssn 6 (pgs. 116-117) - Lesson with more speaking

Started by bluesky72

Law of averages experiment

Started by

Readings for mid level

Started by olsand27

Do you teach out of the same book as me?

Started by Dr.Worm

Grade 3 lesson 1

Started by

Classroom mascots: any suggestions

Started by Tshego

Unknown Text Book

Started by bs07rjlp

Help! I'm teaching Grades 1 and 2 tomorrow but I haven't got the textbooks...

Started by brentwantscake


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