Elementary  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for elementary (low beginner) levels. 

Great position only in Aug and Sep

Started by likesiwon

5th grade soccer, basketball, circus lessons (PPT and worksheeets)

Started by CanineKimchi

great, simple and effective way to do a directions speaking game

Started by janet1992

Need some ideas for my open class.

Started by Beast

Looking for lessons on culture

Started by smeagol134

Silent Lessons? (laryngitis)

Started by acousticr

Dr Who

Started by heatherhmtang

English Festival Success!

Started by janet1992

Cheonjae/Frances Sohn textbook song and dance videos

Started by savourthesea

World Cup Lesson - PPT, Human Bingo, Sweepstake Kit.

Started by lachlanmccann

Our Discovery Island Book 4

Started by joeyg

teaching make up and fashion! free ppt download

Started by janet1992

Music Genres

Started by Hoosier_Jedi

English Festival Inspiration - making props

Started by janet1992

English Chest 2 p.22 or "Do you like (food)?"

Started by scottbroadway

I need a little help with lesson plan

Started by glitterkitty

English Festival Performance Idea!

Started by janet1992

FOOD SAFETY Summer Camp Ideas

Started by RamblingMan

English Festival Scripts and PPT shows to match. Hope it helps!

Started by janet1992

What's your fav subject free lesson idea and ppt download!

Started by janet1992

cooking afterschool! Chicken Kebabs, free worksheet download!

Started by janet1992

Pass the BOMB game template (NOT "Pass the Ball" or a bomb game!)

Started by ahnh87

Do you have a teaching blog? Let me know and I'll link it to mine and promote!

Started by janet1992

Who's calling, please? Game , free downloads! (grade 6 Francis Sohn book)

Started by janet1992

Awsome worksheet downloads for exam review and more!

Started by janet1992

prepositions...in front of behind between

Started by marty

Cool art idea to do the "when is your birthday?" project - special day

Started by janet1992

Free revision ppt and revision worksheets for grade 5&6 Cheonjae

Started by janet1992

Great revision lesson idea!!! free ppt.

Started by janet1992

I used finger puppets to practice role playing & they loved it!

Started by janet1992

Using Snakes & Ladders to practice speaking and have fun!

Started by janet1992

OPEN CLASS SUCCESS with this who's calling please? lesson! free ppt download.

Started by janet1992

free downloads of worksheets and ppt. for Korean textbook

Started by janet1992

Classroom Management Idea - English Market and Star Chart

Started by janet1992

Cool high tech directions lesson idea - please help me flesh it out?

Started by lupesengnim

Open class for student teachers - ideas badly needed!

Started by katsy3g4

Blog with free downloads of worksheets and ppt. for Korean textbook

Started by janet1992

After-school project idea! Link to 100's of great free resources and powerpoints

Started by hpoole

Great idea for Directions based lesson (free download )

Started by janet1992

30 mins of Kindie- no writing - no drawing - too many kids for games...WTF?

Started by mxm407


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