Elementary  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for elementary (low beginner) levels. 

Varying Lesson by Textbook Period

Started by SH Man

Kindergarten help needed!

Started by Nelly89

Flashcard maker with text and images?

Started by Kurisuti

Need grammar games

Started by Beast

Outdoor games

Started by Beast

Lesson Planning Tool

Started by Nelly89

Halloween songs and easy videos

Started by marty

Anyone else teaching ABC English by BMOE?

Started by jayrenegade

Space Winter Camp - Grade 3/4/5/6

Started by tce2013

(help!) Elementary School Stories for Reading over Speakers

Started by Notabirdorplane

Elementary First Day Self Introduction and Class Rules

Started by mystic951

Global "Hello" song for English Culture Camp

Started by Kurisuti

MODS: Please organize the K-2 index

Started by Brennand

After School English Outdoor Activities Help

Started by rsammarco

Where are you from? Materials and Lesson Plan Ideas

Started by Kurisuti

Foreign countries/cultures summer camp

Started by BayouDrank

Rewards System Overturned, At A Loss

Started by jfdemarini

A fun easy skit to use with your kids

Started by marty

First lessons / few days on arriving in SK

Started by Rosie_Swimmer

English Chest Basic 1 Unit 2 Lesson 4

Started by Pattinsons

English Chest Basic 3 Unit 2 Lesson 4

Started by Pattinsons

The definitive ICE CREAM making lesson PPT

Started by joeyg

Comparative/Superlative Geography Quiz

Started by Kurisuti

Do you want to build a snowman- Functions lesson using Past/Present simple verbs

Started by joeyg

Korean Subtitles for Bill Nye the Science Guy?

Started by jwoon

After School Phonics class HELP!

Started by Hot6^

Newbie seeking for help

Started by DOT

Animals Activity - A Great Way to Kill Time at the End of Class

Started by dbrowning

Personalities Camp lesson and tv show suggestions

Started by Artisis

fun project for Daily routine/ times of days and activities

Started by janet1992

This would be cool for middle or high school.

Started by gpwl6128

Disrespectful Grade 6 class. Advice please.

Started by Brennand

simple counting song

Started by marty

MOVED: other ESL paid sites any good besides Waygook?

Started by taeyang

Why are you so happy ? emotions lesson snakes & ladders

Started by janet1992

TPR Song my 1st - 4th Grade LOVE

Started by Kurisuti

Post-exam - New Sailor Moon Series

Started by busanite

creating drama portfolios! costume and stage makeup for esl

Started by janet1992

Great project idea for many topics! Jobs, clothing, what time is it, subjects...

Started by janet1992

What's Your Favorite Subject? Project idea Grade 5!

Started by janet1992


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