Elementary  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for elementary (low beginner) levels. 

What games should I buy for my school?

Started by BayouDrank

New Year Themed Afterschool Lesson

Started by lovebunny

Last Class Ever - 5th and 6th Grade

Started by watl

Activity class topic- Music

Started by Tinashewhereyouat

Need ideas for culture lesson!

Started by drgenderpotato

"Coming back from Vacation Lesson"-where are you

Started by jmeyer8480

Puzzle lessons

Started by dirkivis

Delete, please

Started by Summer

Wizard of Oz

Started by Nokcha

Philippines Learning center project

Started by marty

Quick games

Started by grey101

Beginner book for a single student

Started by Dashmaster

Help Pls-Story/Book Suggestions for 1st and 2nd Grade After-school Program

Started by shellylbelle

Advice/Materials needed for a WH Question words activity.

Started by Artisis

Christmas short videos/movies/TV shows?

Started by beginners_falafel

cute Christmas cards

Started by kimchikiwi

The Grinch Comprehension Quiz Game

Started by maganglidewell

Christmas Bingo Game

Started by lovebunny

Christmas Lesson Plan + Pelmanism (Memory game!)

Started by Stephi.Pie

E.T with Korean subtitles.. anyone?

Started by majaki26

Story Time

Started by usagook11

What to do with a fluent English speaker?

Started by markymarc

The Simpsons Christmas episode questions

Started by dsc321

ESL friendly Deck The Halls

Started by marty

I'm faster than you - Project, Fact Comic Books

Started by janet1992

A video that teaches verbs related to winter and Christmas

Started by marty

Nick Vujicic motivational clip (with korean subtitles)

Started by Yaya

Despicable Me 2 Korean sub, where?

Started by Chaya

Jingle Bells video

Started by marty

Easy to adapt topic or level. Easy way to get them speaking! Happy Teaching!

Started by Mrs.Baia

Elementary school morning greeting

Started by Lawrence

a very simple song/video for Christmas :)

Started by marty

"social issues/solutions" english camp for grade 3/4

Started by ab2rown

Lesson on Bullying?

Started by ShanaC

Looking for a placement test for elementary students

Started by mothy

Motivation for lesson 11 I'm faster than you

Started by Maggie Magic

Sentence Structrue Games for any unit . I did it 4 "I want to help mom"

Started by janet1992

Anyone here do Grapeseed for Kindergarten?

Started by waterfall12

Listening Games?

Started by ohitsgary

Story/song for Christmas. A bit high level BUT the message is good :)

Started by marty


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