Elementary  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for elementary (low beginner) levels. 

Grades 1-6: Zip, Zap, Zop

Started by cephas

Great Cooking ideas for your Engish lessons

Started by janet1992

Great idea for Directions based lesson (free download )

Started by janet1992

Great position only in Aug and Sep

Started by likesiwon

Great preposition activity!

Started by MoneyMike

Great project idea for many topics! Jobs, clothing, what time is it, subjects...

Started by janet1992

Great revision lesson idea!!! free ppt.

Started by janet1992

great, simple and effective way to do a directions speaking game

Started by janet1992

guardians of the galaxy

Started by bubblez777

Guess the Question Game - No Preparation Needed

Started by robja23

Guess who game downloads

Started by janet1992

H.A.L.L.O.W.E.E.N an easy song for elemenaty

Started by marty

Hagwon Children deliberately being "difficult"

Started by Super Hans

Halloween ew! What's in witch's stew?

Started by marty

Halloween twist on a classic kids song (young learners)

Started by marty

Halloween "I wanna be......" lesson/song

Started by marty

Halloween (counting 1-10) for young learners

Started by marty

Halloween (I know it's early but....... :)

Started by marty

Halloween (simple video to show how to make a jack o lantern)

Started by marty

Halloween - PPT and Craft PPT

Started by payitforwardgirl

halloween bomb game

Started by beano1982

Halloween Coloring

Started by gaelynwrites

Halloween Game - Pass the Pumpkin

Started by CMC2668

Halloween Guess Who Game (Review of G5 L10 She Has Long Straight Hair)

Started by jennier

Halloween Kids Song

Started by jayroberts

Halloween Lesson Plans and crafts?

Started by Kurisuti

Halloween Monster safari!

Started by cnmintenko

Halloween movie

Started by hockeyguard

Halloween PPT and some craft ideas

Started by EmmaP

Halloween songs and easy videos

Started by marty

Halloween stories for Grade 4

Started by Rosie_Swimmer

Halloween... simple skit (Am I a .....?) elementay

Started by marty

Hanami (花見) Cherry Blossom Festival

Started by eslkidz

Hanbok Counting 얼마나 많은 한복이 있니?

Started by eslkidz

Happy Bunnies game~ Looks like it, but is NOT a bomb game!

Started by Envies

Happy Crayons Clipart set / Teaching Colors

Started by eslkidz

Happy Holi!

Started by eslkidz

Happy New Year

Started by marty

Happy New Year card making

Started by BearNana

Harry Potter or Magic Camp (yes i know the millionth one)

Started by seltow


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