Elementary  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for elementary (low beginner) levels. 

Slide show to help teach counting.

Started by devsterl

Animals and Actions Lesson

Started by dfresh

AWESOME Jobs/Occupations Music Video

Started by dfresh

Moving from Middle/High to Elementary- sort of

Started by Dhazaras

Fun Song for 3 year olds

Started by dhbartlett

My name is Bora (3)

Started by Diane Watson

Let's play soccer! (1)

Started by Diane Watson

What's this? (1)

Started by Diane Watson

I dread after-school classes.

Started by Diaphanous Opprobrium

Do you give homework?

Started by Diaphanous Opprobrium

Puzzle lessons

Started by dirkivis

Murder on the midnight plane, puzzle book

Started by dirkivis

Help me navigate the YBM Maria Oh textbook please!

Started by dizzl

Need help designing an effective reward system

Started by dlhopes

Senses- Focus on Sight

Started by dmargallo

Does your country have?

Started by dmargallo

Where to find syllabi for the different elementary grades?

Started by donnelaf

Deaf Tennis Star Lee Duck-hee

Started by donovan


Started by donovan

Powerpoint Keeps Crashing on Certain Games

Started by dopplegangy

Newbie seeking for help

Started by DOT

Textbooks and Outside Sources

Started by Double LT

Need ideas for culture lesson!

Started by drgenderpotato

The Simpsons Christmas episode questions

Started by dsc321

Culture Day-- From Korea to Costa Rica

Started by duckiedoodle

Ideas for Movie Class

Started by dunkle

Wake up! Teacher's Guides

Started by eirrehs

Co wants 5 minute phonics lessons for 5th&6th graders? Help!!

Started by elainamania

Going to the doctor lesson?

Started by Embarr

Song Ideas?

Started by Embarr

After Testing/End of Year Teaching Advice, Please?

Started by Embarr

Double Lessons (80 mins)

Started by emeraldabroad87

Games/Songs for directions

Started by emilysu

Halloween PPT and some craft ideas

Started by EmmaP

KoEngMu English Musical for Koreans

Started by emmascho88

Michael Jackson Motivation Video for teaching phonics/spelling

Started by english-omg

fun,gif loaded powerpoint game- review past tense and practice writing

Started by english-omg

Fun PowerPoint: practice "is this your...?" and "are these your?" expresions

Started by english-omg

This dog can balance anything on his head. (motivation, image source)

Started by english-omg

Happy Bunnies game~ Looks like it, but is NOT a bomb game!

Started by Envies


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