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No New Posts Elementary Textbook-Lessons

No New Posts Elementary Lessons

Elementary  - Lesson plans, ideas, and references for elementary (low beginner) levels. 

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Updating Indexes

Started by complex303

Elementary Index of EVERYTHING

Started by complex303

Please Organize Your Posts by Textbook/Non Textbook (above)

Started by Sara

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hot potato or bomb timer

Started by 감자탕

summer camp for grade 1 & 2 need ideas!

Started by 303lmc

afterschool for 3rd & 4th grade ideas please

Started by 303lmc

telling time 4th grade help

Started by 303lmc

Phonics reader lesson: The Lad

Started by aalexandromoreno

"social issues/solutions" english camp for grade 3/4

Started by ab2rown

How to use slides with notes?

Started by abcdefg123

Anyone have a good, simple vowel game for 1st and 2nd graders?

Started by abcdefg123

Silent Lessons? (laryngitis)

Started by acousticr

Grade 1 and 2 lesson structure phonics.

Started by Adobe

Canada Day PPT

Started by aeh030

Need advice on teaching Alphabet

Started by Aelliseu

Low/No-tech alphabet review games?

Started by aero

KakaoTalk Mad Libs

Started by ahnh87

Pass the BOMB game template (NOT "Pass the Ball" or a bomb game!)

Started by ahnh87

New Testing Format (Elementary) Suggestions

Started by ajr30

Elementary School English 4 (동아 - Dong-ah) Lesson 4 'What Time Is It?'

Started by ak1700

Elementary School English 4 (동아 - Dong-ah) Lesson 3 'Don't Push Please'

Started by ak1700

Hello, My Name is Cindy (동아 - Dong-ah) 4th Grade

Started by ak1700

Elementary School English 4 (동아 - Dong-ah) 4th Grade

Started by ak1700

Phonics for Older Kids - Ideas?

Started by akplmn

Odd-One-Out game

Started by alexteacherkorea

Pass the ball/Pass Pikachu template

Started by alexteacherkorea

English Institutions Class (Doctor, Hospital, Shopping Mall, Movie Theater, etc)

Started by alliiequiinn

Have a Class Spelling Bee - Lesson

Started by alliiequiinn

After School Help!! ㅠㅠ

Started by Amandamanshack

My Adventure Time Lessons 5-6th grade

Started by American in Korea

Conversation Class

Started by Amerz100

What to do about low level students?

Started by amgoalng

Help with afterschool class with horrible and rude student

Started by amstargirl

Fun Drawing Activity FREE on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Started by andsku

St. Patrick's Day BOMB Game!

Started by andsku

4th of July

Started by andy80

Santa Claus is Coming to Town Pop Up game + Christmas Card

Started by anna.rpo

2019 Grade 6 Daekyo Purple Cover; Lesson 5: When Is Your Birthday?

Started by annataleen

2019 Grade 6 Daekyo Purple Cover; Wrap Up 2: Andy's Dream

Started by annataleen

MOVED: Powerpoint Presentation Help

Started by annataleen


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