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Does anyone here teach TOEFL?

Started by BTeacher

tech in korean EFL review site

Started by cocosheff

After school activities in native teacher's office

Started by acop88

Good Videos to Show Different English Accents and/or Regional Expressions?

Started by Freesia

More Post Secondary Education

Started by whitemapleleaf

Teaching English with Kpop

Started by L I

Where in the world should I do a CELTA?

Started by andres86

The Hidden curriculum...

Started by Suz-goose

Taking the CELTA in Canada

Started by Hoosier_Jedi

Morning English Broadcast at School, advice?

Started by Epistemology

What is the difference between a mediocre and a great EFL resource/ material?

Started by s_tang_uk

Any Students with Autism in Your Class? How Do You Deal With Them?

Started by jaysoon17

Co Teacher RANT

Started by wherever dreaming goes

Repeat lessons?

Started by Gingerbread2000

High School: How often do you teach your classes?

Started by tootallteeter

end of the year behavior

Started by a87

co-teaching in other countries?

Started by bird212

Do you ever worry you're just faking the entire thing?

Started by valium kilmer

Student assessment paragraph...Need help!

Started by kalashnikov

Any Info about Pagoda?

Started by katsy3g4

6th Grade Classroom Management help! I'm at my wit's end!

Started by hildydoo

Things i(you) wish i (you) said, but didnt (Co-Teacher/Life rant)

Started by iamrhart

Teaching Practicum

Started by wovaki

Rookie Co-teacher and Out of Control Classes

Started by eveliens

Academic Essay Writing and Plagarism

Started by Blast Hardcheese

I lost my voice. It helped.

Started by morgainenyl

Stalker student?

Started by 한소로

EPIK In-service training

Started by michs

Kid says I hit her

Started by Redondo

Lost control of a class, need advice.

Started by Spysm

Teaching the low level Ss with no CT? How is it possible?

Started by morgainenyl

How often do you do "physical activities" with the class?

Started by Blast Hardcheese

Making mistakes while teaching

Started by cosmogony

Possible lesson idea: Man in Chinese labor camp writes secret letter in English

Started by L I

Lesson 10 Brush your teeth

Started by Loz123123

Misbehaving kids during open class

Started by thejesusman

kids just refusing to listen to you

Started by xorbak

classes being canceled?

Started by xorbak

HELP please! 6th grade nightmare.

Started by BlueVelvet

How do your students keep themselves entertained?

Started by 한소로


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