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looking for current EPIK GETs for interviews

Started by mattjb08

Tablets in the classroom?

Started by yfb

Boys vocational HS is a nightmare..can you help?

Started by Periwinkle

dealing with problematic kids?

Started by letmeregisterwtf

Behind in book, mid-terms next week, Grade 6, what should I do?

Started by amgoalng

How to adjust lessons to suit lower classes?

Started by lupesengnim

last period on a friday

Started by aribee

Do You Know Any Cool Mnemonics?

Started by jaysoon17

EPIK Teachers: What would you change about 'seminars' / training days.

Started by jimmythefoot

Task-Based Language Teaching in Foreign Language Contexts

Started by probablylauren

Using REMIND app in esl class

Started by friendofcletus

Teacher I don't understand

Started by Pattinsons

Accounts of your middle/high school classroom experiences needed

Started by daveb

Dr Sulzberger's research: Rote Learning vs Natural learning

Started by apantelmann

English Classrooms

Started by Jet0716

How to deal with a behavior problem

Started by Winglesscaveman

Joking insults to use on students

Started by Jet0716

Using Music From the 60s and 70s in Class

Started by jaysoon17

Are your kids babied?

Started by drgenderpotato

How to deal with disruptive co-teacher

Started by SKhero

Seating Charts

Started by Jet0716

Remembering Korean Student Names

Started by ChickenLegsMcGee

Classroom Incentives

Started by Jet0716

Frequent assessment and ability groups: making my classes look more Western

Started by Artisis

How Do You Assess a Student Without Tests?

Started by jaysoon17

Teaching phonics to 3rd graders

Started by Artisis

Master's Survey. UK Citizens

Started by Aoisagi

Korean or English subtitles?

Started by acousticr

I can't take it anymore.

Started by gtrain83

After School Club Held Hostage by Flighty Parents

Started by Arclight

How to control a debate event?

Started by kalashnikov

Marking tests (I really don't get it)

Started by EvilToast

Best Practices for Writing Evaluations

Started by toddsqui

I miss some good old fashioned 'writing on the board'

Started by EvilToast

Mixed level class suggestions

Started by blingblingeyes

How do you handle big classes?

Started by Tay 49

Dealing with the death of a student

Started by awise923

Strange Baseball video?

Started by Tay 49

Getting Access to the Computer Room. What Should Students See?

Started by jaysoon17

Giving instructions in class

Started by Constantly Curious


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