Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

People who use this discussion board?

Started by Telephone33

Cheap computer Workstation build (Amazon or Gmarket) which one better?

Started by ch1253

Traveller's Cheques

Started by Foreverparadise

Retirement in Korea

Started by Telephone33

Thorough Korean Police Background check

Started by redevil1015

Korean prodigy Chung to face Roger Federer at the Australian Open tomorrow

Started by theman3285

Parking on the street?

Started by Tyedude

Big Men's Clothes Shopping

Started by sauron_35

Help me out with a financial plan


How do I get this form for my taxes?

Started by tommyb.goode

Finding housing

Started by tommyb.goode

Year End Tax Settlement

Started by spartan888

Koreans and blind corners

Started by Cyanea

Cold Snap

Started by Foreverparadise

Doing a masters degree in Korea

Started by amyb72

Citibank Global Transfers

Started by earlyj1

Change in self defence law?

Started by hangook77

Has anyone tested Korean Cheap CCTV system

Started by Protima

Good blood sugar testing machine in korea. Where?

Started by ch1253

Donating to Charities in Korea as a Expat

Started by jjk183

Married no work.

Started by internationalteacher

Nice, warm and clean air in Jeju

Started by stan rogers

Don't Punch Anybody This Weekend!

Started by jaysoon17

The hassle of online shopping

Started by Cyanea

Shops that don't want to accept coins.

Started by Cyanea

You might have spent time in Korea if...

Started by JNM

Teach North Korean Refugees (Seeking volunteer tutors and speech coaches!)

Started by jank123

Strange hissing noise in my apartment

Started by Arteta

Mold and Cramps

Started by kristaaah

Ultimate Frisbee in Korea

Started by Jugglemaster

Help me get married

Started by theman3285

How much money? (saving and budgeting)

Started by Iced_Chai

How to deal with crazy landlord?

Started by SuperDoodle23

Having to Pay More When Riding the Bus

Started by hesperiina

Vaping in Korea


Desperately need help with heating controller...

Started by Astraea

Christmas in Korea: That Nice Time of Year

Started by Foreverparadise

Anyone Play "Rust" in Korea?

Started by fdny

Honestly, can nothing be done quietly here - ever?

Started by Maclean

Moving- Can you transfer your deposit to a new apartment?

Started by obwannabe


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