Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Legal advice needed: suing ex-girlfriend for money owed.

Started by Maclean

chance of changing D10 to E2 - i've been out for more than 90 days

Started by phant

Looking for Current Statistics for ESL in Korea

Started by welcomebackkotter

Dr or Intl teacher?

Started by internationalteacher

Advice on buying a new cell phone?

Started by Mike-ET

Applying for National Health Insurance After Getting Pregnant. Possible?

Started by ch1253

My dryer is washing my clothes

Started by AngryTypingGuy

EPIK Teacher Survey

Started by poopfeast420

Anyone else enduring 'Sports Day' at their school today?

Started by Maclean

Vegan Fest...

Started by Pecan

Advice for working on a broken ankle?

Started by 미국인병

Gyms that stay closed for too long.

Started by Cyanea

Number of marriages in South Korea hits lowest point since 1974

Started by Cyanea

How long do Koreans spend on the phone?

Started by Cyanea

The COSTCO Thread

Started by Thomas Mc

Did KT Olleh change the History channel?

Started by jejujohn77

I love my teaching job but I don't want to be a teacher forever. Who else?

Started by amyb72

Taxi poll

Started by JNM

How often do you clean your rice cooker?

Started by JNM

Airport bus. Seoul to Incheon airport.

Started by obwannabe

Housing Lease Protection Act...

Started by Pecan

Is your apartment well-designed?

Started by Cyanea

DMZ (demilitarized zone)

Started by Benj13

Good Restaurant Finder Apps

Started by Piggydee

Vanishing behaviors of the Park Chung-Hee generation

Started by Cyanea

E2 visa holders earning money off Facebook and youtube

Started by KimDuHan

Taxes and using bank transfers

Started by cjones112224

Judo in Seoul

Started by tomcarr

Advice for noobs in Korea

Started by WorkingTitle3484

Anyone here do online tutoring for Chinese companies?

Started by SuperDoodle23

Curly Haircuts in Korea


Brazilian Funk and Reggaeton

Started by DebbieTeacher

What can be identified as Korean counter-culture?

Started by 미국인병

Itaewon Bars charge 17 million won to tourist!!!

Started by KimDuHan

New Excuse-Blame It on the Phillipines

Started by gogators!

Modern Hanbok


Buying medicine in Korea

Started by lizziebz2816

MOVED: By the gods I hate K-pop.

Started by gagevt

Costco Kimchi--Um Um Good!

Started by gogators!

Can someone explain this...SOS straw?

Started by Pecan


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