Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

E-2 Visa Cancellation

Started by spilot101


Started by probablylauren

Research into experiences in teaching in hagwons

Started by ChrisMartin

Mobile SIM suspended due to......guess what

Started by internationalteacher


Started by Pecan


Started by MayorHaggar

Pet peeves

Started by Pecan

The End of Native Teachers/EPIK/NETs in Korea [Mega Thread]

Started by jehall

Help!? How do I operate my heat to warm my house?

Started by Deetim21

Hwacheon Sancheono Ice Festival Information 2018

Started by eugene830

Parenting strategies in Korea

Started by Aristocrat

Why doesn't Korea have a biking culture?

Started by plan b

Suggestion for heating matt in Kitchen

Started by ch1253

Remembrance Day

Started by Kyndo

Forgery in Korea

Started by Aristocrat

Has your housing allowance ever been included when calculating severance?

Started by obwannabe


Started by Pecan

Lack of respect

Started by sligo

EXTREME amounts of condensation in apartment

Started by Joshua1211

Hard Korean Mattresses

Started by aero

most efficient plug in space heater recommendations?

Started by Tyedude

Strange things happening in my town...

Started by IRL_sean

Car Accident Advice

Started by stan rogers

English Churches in Korea

Started by ah000

Chuseok Holiday

Started by Skyehawks

Awesome package forwarder!shipped a package from USA cost 25 +arrived in 5 days!

Started by eslseoul2012

Dog in Korea

Started by FleurMai

Planning a Wedding in Korea~ Send Help!

Started by odessateacher

What places ban foreigners in Hongdae?

Started by Piggydee

Underrated mountains to hike.

Started by UKsimon

Urgent Please..Notarizing Translation of English Document

Started by ch1253

Koreans and...obstructing doorways.

Started by Maclean

Legal advice needed: suing ex-girlfriend for money owed.

Started by Maclean

chance of changing D10 to E2 - i've been out for more than 90 days

Started by phant

Looking for Current Statistics for ESL in Korea

Started by welcomebackkotter

Dr or Intl teacher?

Started by internationalteacher

Advice on buying a new cell phone?

Started by Mike-ET

Applying for National Health Insurance After Getting Pregnant. Possible?

Started by ch1253

My dryer is washing my clothes

Started by AngryTypingGuy

EPIK Teacher Survey

Started by poopfeast420


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