Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Gusts of popular feeling history blog.

Started by hangook77

Is the Kakaotalk QR code also the vaccine pass?

Started by SPQR

Travelling in Korea this winter. (Not internationally)

Started by hangook77

It's gettin' cold kids.

Started by hangook77

2,700,000 won-3.9million won

Started by SPQR

Bad Air (the worst part of Korea: November to May (before ocean breezes relieve)

Started by VanIslander

KSAT's and your day off!? (Korean SAT's on Nov 18th)

Started by dippedinblush

Foods you miss from back home

Started by dippedinblush

Things you didn't initially appreciate about Korea

Started by VanIslander

Why did the Dave's ESL Cafe Crash so Bad?

Started by SPQR

Music/videos 6th grade students might find interesting

Started by Aristocrat

Overwatch anyone?

Started by Jmessler

English Churches in Korea

Started by ah000

Life in Korea Haikus

Started by bb

Let's stress out (techniques/tips you use to release stress)

Started by dippedinblush

11st and Amazon Global team up...

Started by OnNut81

What is it with Korean "Celebrations"?

Started by SPQR

Change the “Recent Activity” set up. It’s killing this place.

Started by OnNut81

Car prices have skyrocketed

Started by fruitloops

Bit Thumb is now accepting foreigners in English.

Started by hangook77

Foreigner websites in South Korea

Started by Chester Jim

Do you really NEED your vehicle?

Started by SPQR

What would It take for you to Leave Korea?

Started by tony tony tony

Friend getting sued over online game

Started by fruitloops

Gyms in rural areas

Started by seoulbusan

In Korea Foreigners were Slaves

Started by T_Rex

Why do cyclists always swerve into you at the last second?

Started by Sagi Keun

Why do Korean women suck in air and squeak when they laugh?

Started by fka

Looking for my Korean friend named Sean, whom I met in Thailand Bangkok 2019 Feb

Started by meiying

Are you inputting health info into an app daily?

Started by L I

So, Gopax pulls all the bear and bull coins. They are delisting.

Started by hangook77

Working yourself to death in S. Korea

Started by Liechtenstein

Small talk with strangers in Korea

Started by Sagi Keun

When did Ikseon-dong in Jongno become a cool area?

Started by OnNut81

Confucianism; How to Understand Korean Culture

Started by KimchiNinja

COVID19 infections nearest you!

Started by VanIslander

The first wtf moment you had in Korea?

Started by KimDuHan

Korean Calligraphy Class Online

Started by Habla Ingles?

3.7 making toilet paper

Started by thunderlips

Vaccination app

Started by tik2018


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