Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Tiny little bugs in my rice.

Started by Tom_Waygook

Any organic stores in Anyang?

Started by Andrea152

Parks in Seoul with large grass areas?

Started by LLMoonmanhead

books for kids

Started by huitailang

Everclear easily found in Seoul?

Started by Fraulion

Where can I buy a bread loaf pan for baking bread in Seoul?

Started by Fraulion

Plaster of Paris Strips?

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

One room without key money? / sublet?

Started by sonja135

Seoul love motels

Started by drkhv7

Family visiting during Chuseok

Started by evams

Camera Equipment Rental in Seoul/Bundang

Started by Korea87

Converse in size 8?

Started by Gráinne

(Bad?) habits you've picked up from students?

Started by SBracken

Korean culture or ....... ?

Started by taipeinick

Finding your own apartment in Daegu?

Started by laughter627

VAT TAX on merchandise purchased in Korea.

Started by teachertam

300,000 won enough until payday (10 days)?

Started by britbu

Korean War memorabilia

Started by Aladruic

Real cheese (Brie) at CostCo & Hannam Market a good price or is Emart the same?

Started by britbu

Being Hospitalized in Korea!

Started by delta66

What to do: Stolen ARC Alien ID Card

Started by drkhv7

Strangers Wanting Photos With You

Started by Hoosier_Jedi

ID Theft

Started by ah000

Public School Teachers: What day of the month are you paid?

Started by jennyj

The Best Cities

Started by ntlwng

Anti diarrhoea medicines

Started by Ramsberry

Teaching English In Korea

Started by Harry Yeong

Request photos of the apartment. "Trust me, it's clean" doesn't cut it.

Started by Sarah6

Any Catholics in Daegu?

Started by GLondonful

Saluting the Korean Flag

Started by Samuel

Fire Safety: Ladders

Started by woman-king

Department Stores vs. Local grocery shops

Started by rookiewaygook

Champions league final!

Started by Dobs21

large sized shoes in Seoul??

Started by sleepyinseoul

Does Korea Post Take Credit Card?

Started by zachmokpo

Posting things to home

Started by ch3nn3y

SK v. Serbia June 3rd Soccer Friendly

Started by Can-do

Zumba and Dance Classes in Seoul

Started by Jbailla

Dentist In Incheon

Started by Leear in Korea

Date ideas in Korea.

Started by paladin777


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