Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Where to meet older foreigners?

Started by bammertheblue

Where to Mexican ingredients

Started by mcfearless999

Where to order jerseys for a soccer team?

Started by mxm407

Where to play lacrosse in Seoul?

Started by Trouble_Teacher

Where to purchase power adapters?

Started by Bump

Where to see best cherry blossoms Daegu or Busan?

Started by ch1253

Where to stay before leaving Korea?

Started by notes408

Where to work next

Started by imagicaxx

where's all the toilet paper?

Started by papayapie

Where's the "Korea" in K-pop.

Started by Horus

Where's the cleanest air in Korea?

Started by matador

Where/How to get new/used furniture in Korea?

Started by calvin0416

Wheres the best place to see cherry blossoms?

Started by Umgyoon

Which area in Seoul is the best for foreigners to live in? and why?

Started by chrispan

Which banks are open later than 4:00?

Started by Gilligan

Which banks in Korea allow foreign remittances?

Started by jordanyellin1

Which cars qualify for half-price toll highways/parking/etc?

Started by Canonite

Which Celebs Do the Boys Like?

Started by Embarr

Which do you prefer working in - Elementary, Middle, or High School?

Started by hangook77

Which gym is the best gym in Apgujeong?

Started by jst

Which Holiday do you miss the most from your home country?

Started by amgoalng

Which is better: exchange won to dollar in Korea? or....

Started by wazure

which is the best and most widely used certificate?

Started by cashclay

which KEB bank did you go to without your ARC card?

Started by tealstardust

Which Korean cities are the most popular for foreigners?

Started by alexc2000

Which Korean customs, habits will you take home with you?

Started by purpleradish

Which locations are the best places for Fvisa holders to find part time jobs?

Started by raycar

Which Province should I choose?

Started by kfrazer

Which Recruiter Should I Use?

Started by gyeongju1

Which social apps are in today?

Started by AngryTypingGuy

Which type of foreigner are you video

Started by BigEaredHylian


Started by nik2014

which visa makes you leave themost?

Started by cashclay

White Day - 3/14 Do you care?

Started by elprofesor

White Dust instead of Yellow Dust this year in Korea

Started by Mlatte

White foreingers in korea, EPIK and the whole "white skin is pretty" subject

Started by Koreaboo44

Who can last longer in Korea? Guys or Girls?

Started by odie

Who do you hang out with at school?

Started by dahknee

Who is better at English- Your students or your co-teacher?

Started by bmym80

Who is excited for the new baseball season?

Started by specter13


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