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Gag Concert

Started by staggo

Steam Gamers

Started by kobrzyc

Selling a used motorcycle in Korea

Started by Jyang486

Who do you hang out with at school?

Started by dahknee

American Football in Korea

Started by ucla_all_the_way

Nonghyup English phone number

Started by rorio82


Started by max2323

Favorite/least favorite Paris Baguette items

Started by ramen209

Mokpo vs Yeosu

Started by nat.lie

Hot summer

Started by dajung7

How do you do dry your laundry high humidity?

Started by cowboy7

Getting a phone in Korea - HELP!

Started by traveloshity

Summer Vacation

Started by nacnudnosnibor

Korean Language Courses in Seoul - uni, hagwon, Global Center, etc.

Started by anigerla

Using University libraries?

Started by suniloneal34

A good substitute for Neosporin cream and Cortizone-10?

Started by kam

I'm looking for new job locations near Seoul and I like 5, so...

Started by e72882

Can you use your Tmoney card on Jeju busses?

Started by joybot0

Waygook PS3 Community Game Night(s)?

Started by koreanlostinkorea

Buying clothes in US or Korea

Started by aaronjt

Good Greek restaurant in Seoul

Started by rose_vu

Anyone know where to get stained glass supplies?

Started by tealstardust

Cell Phone - Nexus S

Started by Speciation_Everywhere

New in Osan, buying things

Started by anita.ragu

What's good in Jejudo? (party-wise)

Started by skofeteacher

Do Any of You Have Any Vacation Travel Ideas for Goje Island and South Cholla Do

Started by MTBman

CULCOM (Language exchange, Korean friend, Free beer, Party and Trip.) Join us!

Started by chijin

Illegal to Privately Tutor English - What about another subject?

Started by Speciation_Everywhere

leaking AC

Started by globetrotter

Soju Cocaine?

Started by Hooplehead

EPIK (teaching) to University (studying).

Started by Missmame

Ulsan, that bad?

Started by RazFoz

AC Dehumidifier

Started by nkrider


Started by llolee

Subway from Busan station to Gimhae airport??

Started by cansom

DIY dyeing hair in Korea.. advise please!

Started by discoinfiltrator

Daegu's Poker Room

Started by alljokingaside

Heater/Gas Issues

Started by fmlaugust

Cell phones.Mobiles.Contracts.PayAsYouGo..& the illuminati.

Started by tramptime

place to buy english board games near dongdaemun

Started by flips


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