Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Whats the best swimming location in Korea?

Started by usernamechosen

whats the most ridiculous love motel you have stayed in?

Started by gsenthi

Whats with all the complaining about money?

Started by Telephone33

Whats you favorite day of the week?

Started by Telephone33

Whats your strategy to have enough money to live off by the time you are 63

Started by Telephone33


Started by nick12345


Started by nick12345

What’s the obsession with mechanical pencils?

Started by waygo0k

When an elementary student transfers from America to Korea...?

Started by kchan91

When are countries going to evacuate foreigners who don't feel safe


When can I return to teaching after a wisdom tooth extraction?

Started by bsweet

When did the edict go out to turn off hand dryers?

Started by RandomTask

When do they turn the air-con on in your school?

Started by ashe1590

When do you complain to your office of education? And some ranting...

Started by PlantainLover

When do you learn the word foreigner?

Started by bossyaggi

When does the honeymoon phase start?

Started by ufostakecows

When does your public school start back?

Started by Epistemology

When is a Korean not a Korean?

Started by CDW

When is the best time to leave Korea?

Started by Telephone33

When is the best time to send money home?

Started by asl1174

When is the rainy season over with?

Started by courtney39

When Koreans think they know English better than you

Started by Bluesoju

When Koreans withhold the truth.

Started by raysmith

When leaving/moving how do you leave your apt?

Started by hulme187

When should you start to look for a new job? (Timeline questions)

Started by AnonymousMan6

When to Change Air Filter on Air Purifier?

Started by lelsasser

When to leave after contract?

Started by ciannagh

WHEN to transfer money home

Started by Pearl4885

When Was the Last Time You Had a Conversation With Another Foreigner?

Started by jaysoon17

When Will KOREANS stop hurting ANIMALS??!?!?

Started by SeoulCaliber

When will the heat end?

Started by bawaugh

When would be the best time to get a pet?

Started by addeasis

When you begin a conversation in Korean and the person responds in English...

Started by mjc08

When/Where are language exchanges in Seoul?

Started by Fraulion

Where and what stores to buy Midi Keyboards/Synths in Seoul

Started by Danzo

Where are some nice places to go on dates in the evening in Seoul?

Started by AnnHom

where are the animals?

Started by Merryone

Where are the best hangout spots in Anyang?

Started by alishaw0

Where are the gay bars?

Started by khuskins

Where are the language exchange groups at in Seoul?

Started by Fraulion


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