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Has anyone been to Yeoju or Paju factory outlets?

Started by canabiz

Dominion and other Board Games

Started by matcousineau

Can you sit on the floor comfortably?

Started by SpaceRook

Sexual assault in Jeju

Started by adamwatch

Where to Mexican ingredients

Started by mcfearless999

Daegu Hiking Club?

Started by TurkeyDonkey

Siren going off at 2pm

Started by adamwatch

Banking with NH (and moving to another city in Korea)

Started by cmster

Driver's license exchange, home visit

Started by sungadio

Adopting a Pet

Started by Cait-uh

Where are the best hangout spots in Anyang?

Started by alishaw0

Getting a squat rack

Started by jgmenator

Gwangju Spider Vein Removal

Started by jumpingjustyna

Olympic plates in Korea

Started by Jyang486

SK Telecom English line?

Started by taegurax


Started by Natesk8

NH Global Check Card used to book hotel on - is this possible?

Started by POH7100

This may sound silly but, how do you pay off credit cards back home?

Started by Sprite06

Where are the language exchange groups at in Seoul?

Started by Fraulion

6 Reasons Your Plans to Move Abroad Might Not Work Out

Started by Rusty Shackleford

Stuff to do in Changwon?

Started by cmster

Any Pocket ball (pool) players in Busan?

Started by cskim86

DPN-7000 Navigation System Safety Cam Update - May 15, 2011

Started by oculisorbis

yoyoyo anyone know of any record/vinyl shops in seoul?

Started by Danihel

Classes in English - Changwon

Started by rkh1234

Guides for new teachers

Started by Gabrielle

Gangwondo vs. Seoul

Started by Gomdori

Dentist - who has a stronger anesthesia???

Started by wazure

Do foreigners complain too much about life in Korea?

Started by jwtullis

If you need to cancel plans (LG /KT)

Started by hc2010

Being a PC Gamer in Korea

Started by Hoosier_Jedi

Korean Herald: "Korea, a low-trust society"

Started by unknownx

Groove Magazine finally sent me my prize!

Started by ChrisLamp

Busan English Library

Started by hamaone

Pohang gets less rain

Started by Koter

Internet company suggestions - Seoul

Started by sunshine422

Paying Last Bills/Closing Accounts

Started by daejeondarryn

Is alien card needed to re-enter Korea?

Started by JDK

motorbike rental on Jeju

Started by mon

Help required regarding Driving License

Started by rehan716


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