Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Beach Volleyball or just Volleyball in Korea

Started by awise923

Playstion compatibility question

Started by Mr Oh Eu Didn't

VEGETARIANS!!! Where to get "fake" soy meat???

Started by Canonite

Where to get cold/flu meds? What kind?

Started by Canonite

Korean Classes in Gimcheon

Started by TinyPanda

Rugby world cup

Started by cha_m26

KEB site is killing me

Started by Death Walrus

What superpower do you want to have as a teacher in Korea?

Started by letsgoteacher

DSLR Camera

Started by kendrabridgers

What do you do here that you wouldn't do at home?

Started by justanotherwaygook

Hairdressers - Highlighting my hair

Started by smackle

Watching EPL in Korea

Started by ktbffh


Started by Hearts

Good place to get inexpensive furniture?

Started by ayanet

T-Money Error

Started by dropdeadbarbi

Are there any really good musicals in English?

Started by cowboy7

Hair Salon

Started by cmason

Online Shopping for Western Sizes

Started by SupaTeacha

Pink and yellow. Taboo?

Started by Dewi1984


Started by jasminegreen13


Started by bentham

Rugby World Cup Broadcasting

Started by ktbffh

Street Fighter 4

Started by Cthulhu449

Internet in my new apartment

Started by lorzua

Silent Protest ,What you vow never to do no matter how long you've been in Korea

Started by kgutzmore


Started by limpimpie

Getting a scooter in korea

Started by Waygookingumisi

Singing/ Piano Lessons

Started by csonglee

Cell Phones in Korea

Started by confusedsafferinkorea


Started by Jamface

no hot water or floor heating

Started by poppy

Learning to play the Janggu

Started by teachinkorea

Why did nobody mention the toilet paper business!!!

Started by charde.mills

Organic waste green bins

Started by gookie

Gym in Ulsan

Started by kendrabridgers

Gym in around Ssangmun

Started by jasminegreen13

Korean Views of Death

Started by Plaswuff

Need English speaking dentist urgently!!!!!

Started by projectgenesis

getting to jeju

Started by theorymaster

Teachers who are in their 40s - 50s

Started by alwaysthinking


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