Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

What makes you go D'OH?!

Started by DMZabductee

What NOT to say to Co-Teachers

Started by iamrhart

What percentage of people come back to teach for a second year?

Started by DQuick25

What percentage of the educational budget goes towards native speakers?

Started by L I

What places ban foreigners in Hongdae?

Started by Piggydee

What places have you traveled to while living in Korea?

Started by TheEnergizer

What qualifications do you need to have to be a professor in Korea?

Started by Telephone33

What should I bring in for the staff to celebrate my pregnancy?

Started by ladysearah

What should I see in Daegu?

Started by Canonite

what site is best for used products?

Started by blazejohnny03

What specific heater is recommended so you don't freeze to death at work?

Started by Fraulion

What stereotypes do you face in the workplace?

Started by MeganYo

What Stops You Going Nuts?

Started by JeremyC

What suitable type of fish for Indian curry?

Started by kiwikimchi

What superpower do you want to have as a teacher in Korea?

Started by letsgoteacher

What supplements are you taking? Weightlifting or otherwise.

Started by cowboy7

What the Book

Started by JSeoul2013

what the hell is wrong with korean washing machines?

Started by coughsod

What time does Family Mart close?

Started by heyitslep

what time is the eclipse?

Started by cashclay

What to buy my husband's head teacher.

Started by sweetkat

What to do during a month long vacation?

Started by cosmogony

What to do for Lunar New year???

Started by wynislyfe22

What to do if North Korea attacks.

Started by ah000

What to do if you are already in Korea?

Started by RatnaMH

What to Do If You Find a Lost Wallet

Started by heshen24

What to do in Uiwang or Angang?

Started by modernseoul

What to do When All the Doctors Have Failed

Started by JVPrice

What to do when you feel "finished" but still have 7+ months on your contract?

Started by Joshua1211

What to do with 10won coins?

Started by tfuller

What to do with all those 10 won coins?????

Started by calvin0416

What to do with books?

Started by 제이

What to do with broken electronics?

Started by albie2011

What to do with food waste?

Started by anggi

What to do with my Korean phone?

Started by Aladruic

What to do with old clothes?

Started by Row

What to do with tons of coins??

Started by rainesbaines

What to do: Stolen ARC Alien ID Card

Started by drkhv7

What to do?

Started by hiragardless

What to give as gifts as a new teacher?

Started by lindseydarcy


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