Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Korean Grand Prix

Started by Pedro82

Dirty looks from Korean women

Started by Willow

Taekwondo question: How many times per week?

Started by SpaceRook

How do you start a great relationship with your Korean co-workers?

Started by inspiration

CAN'T GET OUT OF KOREA!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Started by Superstar

Trying to use the restroom and....

Started by O.M.C.M.B.

Eye Protection for MMA Grappling in Seoul?

Started by box187

PICTURES... where to develop them?

Started by iceberry

Exchange and banking question

Started by maverette4131

English Books

Started by Seaneous

Gas Stove Smell??

Started by kennetic

Toothpaste Charity?

Started by eveliens

Three-quarters of S. Korea's cities suffer from nightly noise pollution

Started by Harpoinseoul

Kyungnam Bank transfer to Bank of America

Started by adamC

Koreans' misuse of the word "burden"

Started by kiraaso

Bringing a guitar to Korea

Started by JohnSheehy

Anyone lived near a train staion in Korea?



Started by #basedcowboyshirt

10 things you must do?

Started by mferris

Dealing with Mosquitos~ Citronella Candles

Started by Harpoinseoul

How often do you eat Western Food?

Started by DukeStewartWrites

Vehicle Insurance

Started by Robevolver

Rugby World Cup Online?

Started by SUTIIVE

Electricity Bills

Started by mruiz

Activities to do on weekdays

Started by stamerjam


Started by sharkwrangler


Started by kimchikiwi

Korean Typing Programs

Started by kciliberto

Banking Issues.

Started by JF512

Peace One Day. 21st September

Started by letsgoteacher

MRI or CT Scan

Started by misu


Started by johnthegreek

Does anyone know of any web-sites to watch College Football?

Started by Hasha

Eye specialists

Started by juliehrrs

Buying a Korean Xbox360 pros/cons?

Started by Savre

Raising small kids in Korea

Started by internationalmama

Korean wedding attire for a female foreigner

Started by squeakyduck

Duty Fees on packages from Ebay

Started by kennetic

Things to do with your co-teacher

Started by hellaOAKLAND

Banks in Korea

Started by WaygookWettie


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