Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

No registration needed? & Where/How to buy insureance?

Started by Paisley777

Grease cutting Dishwashing Soap?

Started by joseph921

Where to get Halloween Costumes in Seoul?

Started by delux

The Andrea Vandom case: the court's (absurd) verdict.

Started by Horus

Any Ideas Where to Buy a Weight (lifting) Belt on-line?

Started by MTBman

Shopping at Emart and Costco-one piece of advice

Started by MTBman

Where to get size 11 wide hiking boots?

Started by sordini

oh no (Unplanned Pregancy in Korea)

Started by seabiscuit

Dying Hair Blonde in Korea...

Started by up_do

Where to purchase power adapters?

Started by Bump

Koreans' tastes in relatively esoteric music

Started by KLM

Does anyone know about a taekwondo, hopkido or aikido place around pyeongchon?

Started by bretzlz86

any recommendation on brunch restaurants at itaewon?

Started by yoosco

Where can I buy a Korean wooden oboe?

Started by HunterTecherNN


Started by johnthegreek

Toaster oven recipes?

Started by adlez

Geting a Smartphone and contract in Korea

Started by Pro-Vision


Started by bb

Certifying a copy of your degree in Korea

Started by Ben1981

Sports shops in Seoul

Started by Intrepid

EPIK Training in Seoul

Started by Cereal

Iphone 4 ???

Started by jinikim01

Renewal / Non-renewal

Started by dmw


Started by KimchEli

Korean post question?

Started by kiwikimchi

Do You Waffle

Started by thatguywho45

Recipes, Please!

Started by StephSeoul

Why are faces covered up on tv show?

Started by adamwatch

Any Christians in Seoul?

Started by rulrich06

Low water pressure in my apartment :(

Started by cmster

Good Massage Therapy in Gwangju (metropolitan)?

Started by pokute

Any Vancouver Canucks fans in the Seoul area?

Started by believeinblue

Making American food to share with students/co-teachers

Started by jrhee

where is the Gwangju train station at?

Started by rkh37

What is there to do in Gunsan (군산)?

Started by ToniV

Where can I go Snorkeling?

Started by threefold

US Passport Photos

Started by babyandroid

Am I invisible, or are they scared of me?

Started by grajoker

transferring money home

Started by kiekie87

any one live in Jochiwon

Started by carmen123


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