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Are Koreans the biggest alcoholics in the world??

Started by PatrickBateman

Why do Koreans always jump out of their skin?

Started by Cyanea

KIIP-Lost ID/Password. Difficult time recovering both.

Started by talk20gen

Taxi drivers who act clueless

Started by Cyanea


Started by whowouldvethought?

Whats your strategy to have enough money to live off by the time you are 63

Started by Telephone33

Netflix age verify

Started by SuperDoodle23

Kookmin Bank English speaking service?

Started by CypherSoul

Buy gift cards to send to Korea from US

Started by uyen.pham

Year End Taxes

Started by persimmon14

Killing rescued animals??? "Rescued"... from suffering to death!

Started by VanIslander

tablet repair

Started by kate0611

Blowing your nose

Started by alexisalex

Are there any stores in Seoul that sell Dungeons & Dragons supplies?

Started by Gekokujou

Any New Right EFL Teachers in Seoul?

Started by Seouler Power

Question about floor heating (ondol)

Started by AlivePoet

F5 Visa Rejected

Started by Momo_1985

What to do When All the Doctors Have Failed

Started by JVPrice

Living in a ground (first) floor apartment?

Started by StillInKorea

Air pollution as bad as smoking in increasinf risk of miscarriage - The Guardian

Started by jimskins

Holy *hit. Went to a Korean Dept. Store w/gf

Started by PatrickBateman

The quality of Korean-made products

Started by Cyanea

I am wondering what brand of TV you have in your home

Started by a992365

HELP ME lol Remittance banking stuff

Started by sgillespie86

Why is Korea so stressful?

Started by Cyanea

Man question: Anyone had a vasectomy in Korea?

Started by kiwikimchi

Income Tax Return For Foreigners: Everything You Need To Know

Started by sleepy


Started by raycar

Anyone have any issues with your GF/BF's parents?

Started by SuperDoodle23

Housewarming Gift (for a small, late party)

Started by shostager

Magic: The Gathering in Korea

Started by Madmartigan

Learning Korean Near Korea / Dongduk University? (고려대 / 동덕여대) CLOSED

Started by shostager

Speaking Korean to students; yes or no?

Started by daelight

Munchkin Cat vs. KIA's 2019 Niro

Started by ESLTurtle

Looking for any tips to help find housing in Anyang

Started by tommybgoode

Verify Age on Youtube???

Started by APH

Gmarket shipping

Started by APH

Ways to grow savings? Investing? Passive Income? Cryptocurrency?

Started by Cmorgan

Transferring money UK

Started by APH

Need suggestions for cat babysitting, boarding while I'm on vacation

Started by Nokcha


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