Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

The One Indispensable Book?

Started by Alphonsus Jr.

The Perils of a Sinecure; a triptych rant.

Started by Anor Londo

The playful hit.

Started by marshmellow man

The Prepaid Phone Thread (Where & How much?)

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

The quality of Korean-made products

Started by Cyanea

The REAL REASONS English education in Korea is failing

Started by Lee Jal Seng

The realities of cutting a contract (public school)

Started by valium kilmer

The reason Koreans can save so much money

Started by Lee Jal Seng

The roads near ski resorts when snowing????

Started by koreaiskorea

The search for Twinkies

Started by Austsaint

The Shocking Reality About Relationships With Foreigners

Started by CDW

The Smell of Korea

Started by Foreverparadise

The thing that burns me up the most

Started by VizionMC

The truth about Itaewon (food, clothes, etc)

Started by KimDuHan

The two girls on the subway yesterday at Jeongja Station...

Started by weRborg

The Tyler Fund

Started by uticmmacdonald2003

The Utility of Hangeul Script

Started by donovan

The Verdict Is In: Korea Sucks (World Happiness Index 2017)

Started by fdny

The walls have ears...

Started by tweedfingers

The Waygook Book: A Foreigner's Guide to South Korea

Started by MaTruCar

The weather is cooling...what is your favorite Korean season?.

Started by bawaugh

The Winter Blues (Survival, Killing Time -- What do you do?)

Started by aow.mave

The world Comes To Jeju

Started by eggieguffer

Theatre in Korea - English Subtitles?

Started by al_batross

There are some real knobhead foreigners in Korea

Started by zola

There Goes the Won

Started by DejaVu

There must be an easier way? Buying and registering a motorcycle

Started by Tentacle

These people have no right to call themselves teachers

Started by Aristocrat

Things Foreigners Should Never Do: Koreans Answer

Started by T_Rex

Things I've learned since I arrived in Korea

Started by expertamateur

Things Koreans do that irks us

Started by mjc08

Things that are a chore but shouldn't be.

Started by englishrose

Things That don't exist in in Korea anymore

Started by Freesia

Things that make you irrationally angry

Started by AvecPommesFrites

Things to do and take care of before leaving Korea.

Started by DanaS.

Things to do in Seoul?

Started by azjgf

Things to do in Suyu

Started by ysoserious

Things to do in Yeongcheon.

Started by lukea

Things to do on a rainy day in Seoul?

Started by Ley_Druid

Things to do with your co-teacher

Started by hellaOAKLAND


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