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Korean Wedding Questions

Started by ktdieder

Heating Issues -- Is this normal?

Started by zizivee28

Where should we get married?

Started by BigEaredHylian

Changes to jeonsae loans next year.

Started by TexasChicken

When Koreans withhold the truth.

Started by raysmith

Meeting Korean Parents

Started by K

Doing a masters degree in Korea

Started by amyb72

What's it like living in/working at a rural location?

Started by Summer

Cockroach in classroom

Started by Nooners

Conversations with KTX/train ticketing staff...

Started by iseya

Hot Water Stopped Running. What should I do?

Started by LaChaca


Started by LaChaca

Co-teacher death in the family

Started by jimmyjamison

Canadian Cancer Patient saved by a Korean Hospital.

Started by saram_

Conan O'Brien in Korea Episode... thoughts?

Started by Piggydee

Problems when trying to communicate with Koreans?

Started by SuperDoodle23

Feeling a little depressed after vacation...

Started by wintersolstice

Try me KID!!

Started by Piggydee

When leaving/moving how do you leave your apt?

Started by hulme187

Nightclubs in Korea

Started by alan_slane

Haircuts in Korea

Started by APH

F2-7 Visa: A Question (and a Resource)

Started by PaulineMacLeod

Donating old clothes

Started by jellybum

Who works in a good Hagwan ?

Started by anthonybrooks

The BRRRRR of winter looking for a cheap warm coat for winter

Started by cowboy7

What is your "GET UP AND GO" song?

Started by dippedinblush

What are some common English mistakes you hear/see in Korea?

Started by CO2

Cooking western food for Korean friends

Started by argyle

Koreans were bored at 'Whiplash."

Started by weRborg


Started by annoymous

Deli Meats

Started by M3buzzi

Is the "Korean Wave" a myth?

Started by fdny

How much free time do you have at work?

Started by Constantly Curious

This is starting to drive me CRAZY

Started by krissyboo75

Help? Insane homesickness!

Started by kjhamilt

Fighting boredom

Started by norastelladora

Why doesn't anyone sit in the front passenger's seat?

Started by kiwikimchi

iphone 5S/C discrimintation

Started by AGMS_Superstar

Stop the harassment of foreign women

Started by meabhmca

English Foods

Started by schmiler


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