Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Buying a Car

Started by ed92400

Navigating G-Markert/online shopping in general

Started by Rcraig88

How much to ship books to the UK?


Low salt soy sauce?

Started by grandfromage

Least expensive (i'm not fussy) accomodation in Seoul

Started by Sticks

Any ideas on where to go for a romantic night?

Started by ovid

Restaurants in Hongdae, Seoul

Started by sweetjane2011

Student and teacher brawl

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Cool Korean Christmas presents?

Started by TumbleCoyote

Pagoda teachers picking up trash in Cheonggyecheon

Started by fromafar

Intercontinental hotel wine buffet samseon

Started by NHF84

Magic the Gathering in Busan

Started by Ley_Druid

Korea's love affair with NOISE.

Started by Horus

English language church services

Started by wattawoman

Getting Multi Entry Visa in Korea

Started by midd1068

Capoeira in Korea (Busan)

Started by bhwung

Living alone

Started by 007kevin

Traditional Music/Dance Class?

Started by jak338

Would you do this?

Started by Rusty Shackleford

Ordering food for delivery in Korea in English-

Started by Willow

Teleporting Mosquitoes!!

Started by Harpoinseoul

Coins into Notes

Started by ingrid28

What do you like to drink?

Started by Harpoinseoul

Washing clothes?

Started by DashGlobal

What's your flavor (of Korean ice cream)?

Started by MTBman

online purchases

Started by mooninkorea

Hit by a car while cycling

Started by mycena

Special You Tube just for K-Pop

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Welcome party drinking with the boss and coworkers

Started by Lala07

Magic The Gathering Online

Started by plobianco

Teaching in SK with a Family

Started by bizmarvel

Shinsegae movie theater

Started by HuyNLuu

Great Internet deals! How much are you paying?

Started by jinxypopx

Getting Tickets to music shows

Started by windsluvr

Perm in Korea?

Started by appletarty


Started by scl2265

Dealing with the Language Barrier

Started by Ollie84

Where do you live?

Started by Merryone

This weekend

Started by ChicagoBrian

NH Debit Cards

Started by Snaps042


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