Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

How to hang up things in your concrete apartment wall

Started by syntex1011

What to do in Uiwang or Angang?

Started by modernseoul

Living in ULSAN Advice

Started by midd1068

Lost My Cell Phone on the KTX!

Started by rabel10

Blue Ketchup

Started by Natesk8

Life is not easy for most 20-something Koreans

Started by Yu_Bumsuk

What are recommended air scrubbers/purifiers for not-so-new apartments?

Started by jomtee

The Big Chill Suwon

Started by anita.ragu

Free Shipping

Started by liz_wilson10


Started by #basedcowboyshirt

What specific heater is recommended so you don't freeze to death at work?

Started by Fraulion

Restaurant dress codes?

Started by daunting

Breathing/sinus difficulties after a year in Suwon

Started by pokute

North Korea Peace Balloon Launch!

Started by ryanstephen7

Musicians in Gimcheon/Gumi/Daegu

Started by bork

cable to connect laptop to pc

Started by syntex1011

Mr. Goodbar chocolate

Started by kwak_like_a_duck

Awkward Situation (Running into Students at the Sauna)

Started by Frozencat99

Where to get Root Beer?

Started by Ley_Druid

How are there still mosquitos!

Started by swissmiss

English-speaking Taxi Dispatchers?

Started by leopard

Salsa, Merengue, Latin dance classes?

Started by naturegirl321

strange food customs

Started by Americanteacher

RE: Alien Registration Card and Health Exam Madness

Started by midd1068

Where to get a good burger in Korea?!

Started by awolf2026

Does this insurance payout seem fair to you?

Started by Canonite

Korea vs Japan general prices

Started by ChrisM

Artist supply stores in Busan/Ulsan

Started by globetrotter.2011

How do I make a check mark in Hangul Microsoft Word?

Started by Canonite

*Moved* Bikram Yoga classes taught in English (Gangnam)

Started by tenshortdays

Poll: Favorite drink Korean Drink :)

Started by 007kevin

Culture shock after a year?

Started by waegukin yeoja

Buying healthy food in Korea

Started by elle*


Started by bobrocket

WHEN to transfer money home

Started by Pearl4885

Nannies in Suwon?

Started by naturegirl321

Motorists who refuse to move for emergency vehicles.

Started by Horus

In the months before going to sure were you?

Started by LPchica086

Korean girl's 애교 adorable or just plain annoying?

Started by boosh77

Any Flight of the Conchords fans? You'll like this...

Started by Canonite


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