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Things your partner says that infuriates you!!

Started by grajoker

Thinking of getting a pet lizard.

Started by Titanfallen

thinking of moving to Ulsan. Any thoughts? What's the scene over there?

Started by holamyamigo

This Autumn weather sucks!

Started by Maclean

This is how Koreans have trained me to walk.

Started by climber

This is how Seoul should promote itself!

Started by pauh81

This is how you can watch Netflix and listen to Pandora.

Started by lee233

This is sickening!!!

Started by Cereal

This is starting to drive me CRAZY

Started by krissyboo75

This is what's going on in my classroom right now

Started by orangeman

This Kpop song is driving me crazy (Cherry Blossom Ending by Busker Busker)

Started by Orson

This may sound silly but, how do you pay off credit cards back home?

Started by Sprite06

This question kept me up at 3am.

Started by calvin0416

This upcoming week between vacations.

Started by Zealot_Hill

This weekend

Started by ChicagoBrian

This weekend (18th - 19th) which Korean beaches are open???

Started by Jrong

thongs/flip flops in Korea in Winter

Started by Chaya

Thorough Korean Police Background check

Started by redevil1015

Those in a PS, Is the air-con on?

Started by seoulboundagain

Those with asthma: how much is the "puffer" in Korea?

Started by Canonite

those with Korean bf/gfs/spouse, have you ever been told your too affectionate?

Started by gothicgrim

Thrash metal show on Saturday July 22

Started by Dorozco

Thread to have weird observations about Korea proven or debunked.

Started by Angelinkorea

Three-quarters of S. Korea's cities suffer from nightly noise pollution

Started by Harpoinseoul

Throwing eggs at the early morning, speaker blaring-bongo trucks

Started by obwannabe


Started by grajoker

Thyroid medication

Started by Melonade

Tibet monk in korea

Started by cashclay

Tic disorders rising among children in Korea

Started by dereklee003


Started by climber

Time for a confrontation/revenge

Started by dmw

Time off.

Started by dwaynehoover

Time to get start wearing a facemask/get a HEPA filter?

Started by donovan

Time to leave South Korea?

Started by KimDuHan

Tiny little bugs in my rice.

Started by Tom_Waygook

Tips for a 3-day trip to Cheongsando?

Started by mogbert

Tips for buying a flight ticket

Started by Zaiterade

Tips for buying the new iPhone

Started by L I

Tips for doing your laundy

Started by weRborg

Tips for drying clothes well

Started by L I


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