Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Can you buy/insure a car with an International Driver's Permit?

Started by Canonite

Garbage Situation

Started by aieong

Going out on a budget!

Started by jason.yoo

I've hiked Burkansan and Yongmasan, what's the next best?

Started by UKsimon

The Foreigner's Guide to Ilsan (Let's all help!)

Started by eggplant_tyrant

Which cars qualify for half-price toll highways/parking/etc?

Started by Canonite

Can you find Hibbaclens in Korea?

Started by solomon_kanye

Events in South Korea

Started by ADB123

Anyone familiar with Suwon?

Started by SpaceRook

Olleh or U+zone wifi hotspots on bus?

Started by Jrong

New vega smartphone was stolen

Started by Kenobi

Costco & Alcohol

Started by jason.yoo

Can someone please make a phone call in Korean for me?

Started by Canonite

Facebook at work? Yes or no?

Started by TonyMartin10

Running in Korea

Started by lacuni

Can I bring Tylenol with me?

Started by LAJenney

Activation/Deactivation Fee for Gas/Electric?

Started by runswithamango

Intraocular Lens Implant (ICL) in Korea

Started by tsygna

Any Tips for Vegetarians?

Started by twisleder

Traditional Korean Musical Instruments

Started by makeshiftb0y

*Props to you al!!!*

Started by naanhee3

Lady Gaga concert in Seoul

Started by dchrzano

Getting a car fixed

Started by Janitor


Started by kklekotka


Started by anyoor

Accessing KEB account after permanently leaving Korea

Started by msm

Apartment Issues

Started by RachelTibai

OMG- shakes head.

Started by madison79

Keeping feet warm!

Started by darkshark08

Korean Women Clothing

Started by LeylaIsaacs

Friendly Football Match in Busan

Started by cottonsocks

Doors have no peepholes

Started by calvin0416

Changing my shipping address on gmarket

Started by Mountiandrue

xbox 360

Started by ashley85

Back pain -looking for good Physio / Chinese doctor.

Started by hanndan

Anyone here with dependents?

Started by canadianinjeungeup

Football/Soccer shoes size 11+ in Korea

Started by mark

Updating computer software

Started by livingkorean

Transferring from a foreign bank to a Korean one

Started by livingkorean

Finding an International ATM

Started by livingkorean


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