Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

The walls have ears...

Started by tweedfingers

Riding bikes in Korea? Suicidal??

Started by Canonite

Looking for an online flower delivery site???

Started by ljrobs

Ear, nose and throat specialist in Daegu

Started by jeane86

Foreigners in Jinhae - requesting information about the area

Started by heatheryzaguirre

Looking for an eBook about zombies in Korea?

Started by YouBetcha

Pets! In Korea

Started by arcticfox

Does anybody know the best place to get tattoos in Korea?

Started by ThaKiddJabz

How to deal with smoking students

Started by rainesbaines

Extension of Visa Question (Kiwi)

Started by kiwigirl

Shipping Options from USA

Started by CarlySQ

Post Offices in Korea

Started by catherinestark85622

Flax seed oil at Foreign Food Market any good?

Started by mel647

Have you noticed Koreans preoccupation with appearances?

Started by raskal

Leave money in savings account?

Started by calvin0416

Exchange Rate worries.

Started by usernamechosen

DSLR shopping in Yongsan. Advice please.

Started by Jugazza

What will we complain about when we leave Korea?

Started by anne021386

Upcoming gigs?

Started by hulme187

How do you like Gmarket?

Started by elle*

Buying an American football

Started by TheWB18

Where can I find a cheap rice cooker and a used cell phone?

Started by kerstentw

How much is your maintenance fee?

Started by K

Yonsei Uni - Korean Language Course Spring 2012

Started by newhere

New Visa Info

Started by gepikinfo101

Craft/Hobby/Fabric Stores in Korea?

Started by aisy

How thoroughly do you have to clean your apartment when you leave?

Started by Canonite

Ok to leave stuff behind when moving?

Started by Bump

Korean markets drop 5%

Started by taeyang

Magic The Gathering in Seoul and Innistrad

Started by karnaz

excercise classes in masan/changwon

Started by mooninkorea

Treating Diabetes in Korea

Started by Pacific

obesity in Korea

Started by kps1

Where do you practice your Korean?

Started by Loki001

Open mic/jam session place in Gwangju (or other places nearby)?

Started by Bulldogs12

Working in Korea after having cancer

Started by 2ndtimearound

Private lessons VS public School

Started by tylerdurden333

How can I be totally awesome at Noraebangs?

Started by juskajo

if we buy a car, do we get tax exemption?

Started by regingna

Where in Seoul can I purchase gold bars/coins?

Started by persiancat


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