Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

A dress-maker in Korea?

Started by Nooners

You won't believe your fat American eyes

Started by justanotherwaygook

Breaking my Iphone 4 contract with Olleh

Started by Cands

Anti-Americanism/Anti-Semitism Among Foreigners?

Started by eyekon

Crashing a shopping cart into the back of a waygook's leg

Started by ytuque

Accessing Korean bank abroad

Started by PaulPTFC

Driver's Licence: Exchange or New?

Started by herbie

Leaving Bags in Seoul

Started by ingrid28

Korean BBQ Addiction

Started by L.H Puttgrass

How much does an MRI cost in Korea


How long does it take a bank to provide you with a credit card?

Started by mel647

Cadbury Cream (Easter) eggs

Started by lalartu

bjj in ulsan?

Started by wrinklebump

Korean Funeral Customs

Started by schuettl

Bikes on a train

Started by erufiku

Korean lessons in Incheon

Started by AnjaF01

South Africa - Sending Money Home

Started by ranteab

Korean/UK women's underwear size converting

Started by Darkeru

Birth Control

Started by faery_lights

Korean stereotypes about Japan...

Started by Bump

England - Sending Money Home

Started by minceandcheese

leaving korea, what happens if i keep my contracted smartphone?

Started by anonymousTeacher

Close dance with your principal?

Started by Middle school teacher

Best place to buy pants

Started by Neka42

Article on study of regularly eating white rice raising type 2 diabetes risk.

Started by bencrow

First random Korean moment today...

Started by MrBannystar

Any other guys find Korean nightlife and women a bit frustrating?

Started by BachataHeights

I'm pissed at my gas co.

Started by Jrong


Started by #basedcowboyshirt

Students shouting the F word.

Started by Middle school teacher

Qualifications for teaching in an International School?

Started by tommypatt

back at home?

Started by Itssssopink

W10,000,000 in my pension fund... Can I take it home???

Started by leporello

Ajumma horror stories....

Started by leporello

English Speaking Dentist in Incheon

Started by wtg

Anyone have an international cheque card from their bank?

Started by Fraulion

I lost my ARC card!

Started by ano33

Boom or bust in the hagwon industry?

Started by RobotsforJoey

Looking for Seoul soccer fields

Started by nickster13

Did I get ripped off on a phone?

Started by bepaisne


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