Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 


Started by #basedcowboyshirt

Persistent Religious Counselor at School

Started by KevinTeacher84

Breast Reduction??

Started by swissmiss

summer holidays

Started by flower girl


Started by optimusyale

Video Games

Started by ulsanblaster11

Ultimate Frisbee Anyone?

Started by egarl

To Legit to Quit..Wait no I'm not.

Started by kps1

How to get tax refund

Started by gosarahgo

aroma oils

Started by Trina

Anyone use iHerb's Direct Korean Postal shipping option?

Started by Fraulion

hypochondriacs beware, topic about lice

Started by teacherjenni

Dancing at school festivals

Started by hwana

Apply to US Peace Corps from Korea

Started by echo

Why is my Daelim Magma not starting? Where is the fuse box?

Started by Canonite

Internet keeps dropping at home at specific times

Started by calvin0416

Shoe Polish in Seoul

Started by darkshark08

European Championships

Started by bigal

Korean hipster vibe band... Do you know the name?

Started by rontheinc2

How would you break the "Korean only" mentality?

Started by hamburglar

Anyone in Korea whose spouse lives abroad?

Started by Mlatte

Is the milk here sourced from fresh milk or is is from powdered milk

Started by bawaugh

Can my co-teacher determine my cell phone?

Started by Littlefury

My Expired Pre-Paid Phone Is Awesome

Started by Gilligan

Busan SALSA site finally up!

Started by inkblot01

Going to the gym after work a good idea?

Started by mel647

anyone live in Dongtan?

Started by Llynne

Reducing Exercise Noise in my Apartment

Started by actualstarfish

The Most Beautiful Place in South Korea

Started by deweybeach

A few noobie questions.

Started by Andy84

Postal services threads.

Started by Brian

How do I make a collect call from Korea? (To a Canadian gov't agency)

Started by Canonite

very bad tee

Started by planter

Kindergarten ages you.

Started by weso1

Any Motorcycle Courses in Seoul to replace the Level 2 riding test?

Started by allansuwon

Opportunities to Get Involved in Social Justice?

Started by Frozencat99

New Incheon subway lines

Started by UKsimon

Student shoving religion down my throat

Started by Wavefunction

Bike Rentals in Northeast Seoul on Jungnang stream

Started by dbtm

List of restaurants in Songtan?

Started by naturegirl321


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