Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Korean TV show "Running Man" - what's it about?

Started by KaizenCanadian

Just a heads up about using school slippers

Started by Aristocrat

How to avoid irritating or inappropriate advertising on youtube

Started by EvilToast

Has anyone been cheated by KT Olleh?

Started by Mlatte

Cockroaches! What do I do? What do I buy?

Started by ohitsgary

EPIK not hiring for Jeonnam

Started by Lawrence

Korean Resume

Started by K

What is the best Korean news source in English?

Started by elledee

Cooking Classes?

Started by clairemaree

Is it fair?

Started by cdwyer

Long Distance Relationships

Started by donuts

Morning Sickness

Started by iamrhart

Guide for New EFL/ESL Foreign English Teachers/Instructors in South Korea

Started by Dyl

Has anyone bought a car from Encar? What should I expect?

Started by Canonite

Texting with your co-teacher.

Started by benjy2006

Recycling in Korea

Started by Lothar

Want to play 'Survival' Airsoft/Paintball in Seoul or surrounding areas

Started by cowboy7

Any Muslims in Seoul?

Started by mallyqq

Do the people we interact with daily truly represent Korean Society?

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

best strategy to deal with crazies on the subway

Started by basic69isokay

Korean culture conflict?

Started by ohitsgary

Unique Problem

Started by Lawrence


Started by vanessacathy

A good Thai restaurant in Seoul?

Started by bigal

Will Korea do better than the USA in the coming Economic collapse?

Started by Smaug

The thing that burns me up the most

Started by VizionMC

Unlocking the key to soju...

Started by thunderlips

Where to get a good burger in Korea?!

Started by awolf2026

The inventor of the "Bomb Game"?

Started by cryptkeeper

How to deal with smoking students

Started by rainesbaines

Do you feel .....depressed?

Started by daechan16

What's your flavor (of Korean ice cream)?

Started by MTBman


Started by flowerbuzz

Reducing Exercise Noise in my Apartment

Started by actualstarfish

Have you been in a bus/ taxi accident or other problems?

Started by amgoalng

Department Stores vs. Local grocery shops

Started by rookiewaygook

Korean friends who change.

Started by Cyanea

Can you get a credit card with an E2 visa?

Started by Stpenu

NH Check Card

Started by bawaugh

Random wifi connection in your apt

Started by tianwaygook


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