Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Student shoving religion down my throat

Started by Wavefunction

Bike Rentals in Northeast Seoul on Jungnang stream

Started by dbtm

List of restaurants in Songtan?

Started by naturegirl321

You know you're a real Seoulite when...

Started by joybot0

Wiring money to Korea?

Started by Littlefury

Is credit card Carl legit?

Started by debranm

Western style pedicure

Started by dchrzano

Tax Returns (Question for Kiwis)

Started by kiwigirl

What to buy my husband's head teacher.

Started by sweetkat

Installing our air-con without paying an arm and a leg.

Started by Harpoinseoul

How to get back home after a gig in Seoul??

Started by hulme187

LASIK/LASEK eye center recommendations

Started by llolee

Are you working today (May 1st)

Started by K

Rock/Punk in Seoul

Started by tomcarr


Started by #basedcowboyshirt

Vegetarianism + Language barrier help

Started by w4z

Cell Phone

Started by jeffmc40

Let's talk karaoke after work.

Started by Random

Life in Koray Limricks

Started by bb

Baldness in Korea--does it exist?

Started by hiphopopotamus

Pool Tournaments & Pool Halls in Korea??

Started by JL5205

iPad help requested please

Started by chillin

DIY's question: Korean Sliding Doors

Started by Jrong

Hanyang University CEEC program (employment)

Started by weirdgirlinkorea

Huts on Muui Island Beach

Started by Jaeesson Teacha

Shoes in Korea?

Started by tails

Things to do in Suyu

Started by ysoserious

Gwangyang, Yeosu, or Suncheon... overall best life is?

Started by averyfinechatter

Help! Lost my Korean cards.

Started by anita.ragu

Skin exposure in Korea

Started by mv190482

Anyone know where to find a guitar/music shop?

Started by sethoz

Good hotel in Hongdae (or website to search for one)

Started by TallPaul

Deutsch Lernen / Nó béidir Gaeilge?

Started by whiskey fairy

Shoe suggestions for the hot, wet Summer?

Started by Blacklamb

Piano players, where do you go?

Started by dragonflyfirefly

gaga show

Started by wrinklebump

leaving korea with bills unpaid...

Started by unknownx

Registering a Motorcycle

Started by alljokingaside

Summer is close! What will you do with your weekends/evenings?

Started by tommypatt

Zumba in Korea?

Started by msjet85


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