Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Scooter Laws

Started by beriedel

Where can I buy an Apple tv?

Started by jwoon

Is there such thing as monthly bus pass?

Started by sorala

Cost of motels.

Started by bawaugh

Seoul: Cheap Motel

Started by Darkeru

Car tax

Started by tianwaygook

I'm looking for a travel group

Started by TallPaul

Passport changed....Immigration?

Started by suisse

Boryeong to Mokpo. Where to go? What to do?

Started by flasyb

Miracle Whip

Started by vietpham

Gaming in Korea.

Started by Apple

Archery - buying and using a bow?

Started by KaizenCanadian

On the roads in Korea

Started by JeremyC

Where can we watch the Olympics in English?

Started by bsweet

Boxing gym membership


where's all the toilet paper?

Started by papayapie

Reasons to tell parents why I am going to Korea

Started by DQuick25

Transferring Money from Outside of Korea (NH)

Started by ingrid28

Air Purifier?

Started by joseph921

My Bathroom is like a sauna!

Started by joseph921

Add a new hole to my belt

Started by Mickythemick

Korean ability to speak English

Started by marksurendra

Korean laws in English

Started by ninohan

Teachers or Language Instructors

Started by HurricaneJ

ARC Question / Creating an account on HiKorea

Started by Summer

How do you use the bus to Incheon Airport?

Started by RachelTibai

Bean Bag Chairs

Started by Engrish

Hanging Curtains/Drapes but concrete wall?

Started by joseph921

Things I've learned since I arrived in Korea

Started by expertamateur

Observation about Koreans and movies/music

Started by incognito84

Moving cost?

Started by calvin0416

Korean Driver's License: Exchange US license or just apply normally??

Started by Lee Jal Seng

Are these papers enough to register/insure a motorbike?

Started by Canonite

bicycle maps or resources?

Started by Rae251

What's it like living in/working at a rural location?

Started by Summer

Does Korea carry my medication?

Started by eggxdrop_soup

Chronic Bronchitis?

Started by nomad_kate

Gave a girl a good scolding yesterday! Too harsh?

Started by Jumpman Jr.

Counting Calories in Korea

Started by 제이

Korean movies with English subtitles

Started by pit23


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