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Open/Closed during the Chuseok Weekend

Started by notinKS

Easiest way to get around the maximum amount you can send home?

Started by Row

Gangnam Style souvenirs...

Started by trine

Dear Lunch lady-Ajumma

Started by 0mnslnd

Will Homeplus open on Chuseok Saturday?

Started by kiwikimchi

Flu Shot

Started by emghals

Hot date

Started by waterfall12

Settling Debt

Started by Adi Seoul

Might seem like a silly question but I gotta ask.....

Started by calvin0416

Any traps for signing apartment rental leases?

Started by marshmellow man

F2 Spouse Visa for US citizens

Started by cinamon

The future of EPIK

Started by toiletpaper

Bank that will issue you an International ATM?

Started by GoCyclones

Anyone else suffering from hayfever symptoms in early Autumn?

Started by jammyb

About a gift..

Started by rin37

Absentee Voting for Americans

Started by bretzlz86

How much do you pay on pay-as-you-go on KT/Olleh (per SMS/per minute)?

Started by Canonite

MOVED: Incheon Hostel/ Guesthouse

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Gym in Daeyeon/Kyungdae/near-ish?

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Best coffee shop in Seoul with a view

Started by taeyang

Sending money home

Started by aheffern

Married guys (to Korean girls) would you do it again?

Started by paramdungi

Everland, Carribean Bay, and Lotteworld Discount on Chuseok

Started by tianwaygook

Korean drama set in the U.K

Started by chrissyprice

Korean service employees ignoring waygookins

Started by hiphopopotamus

Who's getting the best of this deal? (korea taxes) [MOD EDIT]

Started by lm_shanny

Reputable health insurer required transferring to a D10 visa.

Started by marshmellow man

Friend visiting - when to exchange money?

Started by Deesh

MOVED: Best places to buy a suit in Seoul

Started by JeremyC

MOVED: on my 3rd CBC/Med check, and now feel insulted.....

Started by JeremyC

Goodbye Korea & Goodbye Waygook!

Started by karoo_guy

Working out in Korea

Started by kps1

Conjuctivitis/pink eye

Started by dachiza727

MOVED: How far is Hongdae from the Seoul City Hall? Any hostel recommendations?

Started by taeyang

MOVED: "Do you like Kimchi?" The definitive poll...

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Which smartphone to get?

Started by JeremyC

MOVED: Easy to transfer phone contract?

Started by JeremyC

MOVED: Archery class in Seoul?

Started by JeremyC

Everything about having baby and pregnancy in Korea

Started by tianwaygook

Would you recommend teaching in SK to a friend?

Started by karoo_guy


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