Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Final Fantasy live concert detail - South Korea

Started by Finalfantasy2018concert

Is the Jisan Valley Rock Festival 2019 happening?

Started by kiwikimchi

Unnecessary Korean jobs

Started by Cyanea

Food Bucket Rules??

Started by JVPrice

importing goods through the mail

Started by cashclay

Korean friends who change.

Started by Cyanea

Ending an apartment lease early?

Started by oatmealkooky

has anyone ever ordered a bong?

Started by cashclay

Foreigners in korean dramas

Started by sligo

Koreans and compliments

Started by dippedinblush

Office Atmosphere

Started by ESLTurtle

Infinity War Posters

Started by neekoolos

KEB card fee?

Started by sh9wntm

Just got back from Cambodia. if you need any info let me know.

Started by cashclay

Counterfeit goods through the mail?

Started by cashclay

A Weekend in Itaewon

Started by ESLTurtle

Korean Englishman Avengers Scandal

Started by KimDuHan

pocket knives?

Started by profporkchop

Rural vs. Urban

Started by Starfirefly

Avoiding Customs fees

Started by obwannabe

Korean Bed Setup

Started by pastelbaek

Maps of Korea/wilderness classes

Started by Periwinkle

Get your hair cut at an "E-bal"?

Started by guppy1000

Large item garbage pickup

Started by obwannabe

Best way to send money from Canada to Korea

Started by obwannabe

Broken Boiler Help

Started by MyNameIsNobody

Native English instructors 'not cost effective'

Started by eggieguffer

Don't put wasps in your soju

Started by L I

Shopping Suggestions (FREE SIZE SUCKS)

Started by Sasstiel

Any amazon sellers living in Korea?

Started by likej82

English speaking hairdresser in Suseong-gu

Started by eoin_mclove

Weddings in Korea - How many teachers from your school actually come?

Started by Epistemology

New recycling rules?

Started by JNM

Finding a University job that doesn't require 2 years of experience?

Started by DeeDubb

Masters of Education in TESL (FSU Night Classes in Seoul)

Started by jangng

Korean man-children

Started by sfusiondj

Who is better at English- Your students or your co-teacher?

Started by bmym80

No More Plastic and Styrofoam Recycling

Started by stan rogers

Why are students saying Boyru?

Started by marbles23

Korean Driver's License (Stage 2)

Started by theman3285


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