Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

School War Drills

Started by bawaugh

What is the most amount of money you can take out at one time from an ATM?

Started by flowerpower

dealing with annoying Korean neighbors

Started by skjosh

Cops in Korea..the good..the bad..and the pathetic

Started by baboo74

Can I get from Incheon to Daegu in 4 hours?

Started by aschil6

Gas bill

Started by damof

Landlord vs Tenant Responsibilities

Started by MoneyMike

Christmas Shoe boxes

Started by caitlingb


Started by stemarty

Selling a car without an ARC

Started by karenology

Shipping your stuff back home

Started by EvilToast

Annoying pastor and wife duo won't leave us alone.

Started by hchong1

What Are You Writing About for Your School's Yearbook?

Started by jaysoon17

I just barfed in class!

Started by Cereal

The Asian-American/ Asian-Canadian/ Asian-Australian etc. experience!

Started by Babo

im antisocail are u? maybe i should change somehow?

Started by Smaug

Sometimes it sucks to be a foreigner.

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Cash Receipts: 현금 영수증 Used for tax deductions

Started by Wretchard


Started by taeyang

poor homeless guys in my emart eatin all da free samples :(

Started by Smaug

Transfering contract advice

Started by adfletch83


Started by bobrocket

Why is age of consent 13 but unofficially 19?

Started by tdotseoul

what is different between living and working in the seoul area and the Busan are

Started by sd43n4

MOVED: Korea: The Impossible Country

Started by taeyang

Peppero Day @ School: Friday or Monday?

Started by joseph921

Kangaroo Kids!

Started by boeta777

How about the Korean election??

Started by goducks

Cost of a timing belt replacement in Korea?

Started by mogbert

Korean schoolgirls same haircut??

Started by joseph921

Questions about the F1 Visa

Started by modernseoul

Is it normal for my washer to take so long?

Started by alward2

MOVED: The myth of FTs getting paid more than KTs

Started by Sara

MOVED: What impact do you have on your students' grades (middle and high school)?

Started by taeyang

Happy Point card

Started by Lever

Straya(Australia) Vs Korea November 14

Started by yeeeeeewkorea

MOVED: Good tourist hotels in Seoul?

Started by taeyang

Happy Peppero Day!

Started by cmgarlan

MOVED: Where do I get a tetanus vaccination?

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Cycling in Seoul

Started by taeyang


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