Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Meat Smuggling

Started by catsoup

MOVED: Koreans: Take A Deep Breath, Please!

Started by jackdaniels

Samsung Galaxy Note II 64gb?

Started by eumyang

Litter Bug

Started by taewon

Planning to cook American dinner for Korean friend--what should I make?

Started by purpleradish

Need a power converter for American electric blanket?

Started by lianney

Hobbies, Interests, and Personal Development Beyond ESL Teaching.

Started by Good Will Riker

Where to buy Timothy Hay?

Started by joseph921

Digital Photo Prints by Mail

Started by drchet

Lesbians in Korea

Started by 로우라

Taxi Charged My Dad 600,000 won! Help with Police Report

Started by Gilligan

Is it possible to rent wifi olleh egg for a weekend?

Started by hchong1

Hospital expects payment in full before they will discharge our baby girl?!

Started by mycalmiles32

What % do we pay in TAX?

Started by vitamin-d

doors and windows in winter time

Started by mrjinglescf

"Exit Plan" or "Going Back Home" Plan

Started by IzEFunni

Chewing Tobacco in Korea

Started by ndinkorea

Visa question.

Started by Swinny

I don't understand.....

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

How are you paying your student loans back in the U.S.?

Started by leabea87

Smoking in Korea

Started by joseph921

Easiest/cheapest way to ship stuff back home

Started by Row

daylight savings time

Started by desert_sugi

Where can I find/get developed a disposable camera?

Started by purpleradish

Korean Background Check from OUTSIDE Korea?

Started by ramenhairteacher

Delete, please

Started by Summer

Korean Currency Fluctuations

Started by LemonWater

Sending and Receiving Mail in Korea

Started by tb75700

When Was the Last Time You Had a Conversation With Another Foreigner?

Started by jaysoon17

Bonfires in Korea

Started by ladysearah

Subway closing at midnight

Started by skaltpunk

Help me find Jim Figueroa

Started by Pete Scammed

How's your hagwon?

Started by ktkates87


Started by nongle

Ending cellular service

Started by Row

Whatcha doing for Halloween?

Started by kimchikiwi

MOVED: A helpful guide for Yongsan

Started by Sara

Why are you staying in Korea another year?

Started by pinishee

What I like about my SCHOOL (apart from students/staff/teaching).

Started by korea20122012

What are the most annoying ads on Korean tv these days?

Started by 0mnslnd


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