Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Flu shot

Started by FunFunEnglish

Canine Influenza?!

Started by NYC_Gal 2.0

Where can I get Blu-Tack?

Started by L I

*URGENT!!* How do I make a collect call from my prepaid cellphone in Korea?

Started by Canonite

Visa running for a year?

Started by skaltpunk

What are the most amusing things you have seen or experienced in Korea?

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Posters - art, korean stuff

Started by korea20122012

Can you legally own/insure a car on an International Driving Permit here?

Started by Canonite

Foreign Bank Cards in the ATM

Started by Ryan122

No friends...

Started by Hallam Locksley

Is saying 'It's a cultural thing' a cop out?

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

How blatant are you about not working at work?

Started by skjosh


Started by forgetmyusername

Best Bachelor Food in Korea?

Started by cwhetsell

Boiling water doesn't work... right?

Started by presonance

The explosion of ABERCROMBIE and HOLLISTER in Korea.

Started by Gokou724

Dredd : is it coming to Korean cinemas ?If so where and when

Started by sirenhill

Has anyone bought a car from Encar? What should I expect?

Started by Canonite

Washing Blankets/Comforters

Started by omgitsmax

2 weeks to go home between contracts

Started by SKotyluk

Can anyone recommend a good chef's knife of G-market?

Started by DReicht

Products in Korea that minimize scarring

Started by releitse88

Being in a Long Distance Relationship

Started by chicagoaninkorea90

whats the most ridiculous love motel you have stayed in?

Started by gsenthi

Bald caps in Korea

Started by damof

How to avoid irritating or inappropriate advertising on youtube

Started by EvilToast

Where to buy fabric??

Started by sarawebb7

How do you meet Korean men?

Started by aisy

Interacting with Koreans that have some international experience.

Started by amgoalng

Year End Tax Settlement

Started by ses1985

American License expired while in Korea, can I renew it?

Started by hchong1

Swimming at Jamsil indoor pool - info required...

Started by roisinisgoingtokorea

Question About Receiving Money from Home

Started by cwhetsell

renter expected to pay realtor fee?

Started by padme

Currency exchange before vacation

Started by bsweet

SK won't recharge prepaid phones on weekends?

Started by Alcorest

Mother coming over - Winter travel advice

Started by bawaugh

Western Union open on weekends in Seoul area?

Started by HunterTecherNN

What Makes You Dislike Living in Korea?

Started by forgetmyusername

Married to a Korean man.

Started by korea20122012


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