Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

I need about 15 famous Koreans who Korean kids would know

Started by MayorHaggar

can anyone help me turn my Ice Maker off?

Started by bohn

What's up with the Korean use of the word "story?"

Started by MayorHaggar

MOVED: Making Kombucha in Korea

Started by taeyang

Waygooks who smoke in korea because it's "cheap"

Started by spivey378

Nicknames you've received in Korea

Started by 한소로

Help!: Culture Shock, Teaching Not a Fit, Health Issues at Home, etc.

Started by kjeffery7

Best Time to Send Money to US

Started by lianney

Video of foreigners talking about dating in Korea.

Started by madagoldman

Import Tax on Items Over $150

Started by BTeacher

What is your apartment really like?

Started by bammertheblue

Lasik Surgery in Korea

Started by David Campbell

MOVED: Calling all Kindle Fire/Fire HDusers

Started by taeyang

Long-term rental for Hanok house?

Started by sorala

Apartment search issue

Started by tristanundisolde

Winter holiday dates?

Started by kalashnikov

Korea vs. Brazil (Soccer match)

Started by kiwi_gyopo

Unusual video choice by Grade 6 co-teacher

Started by Freeto

Do you ever feel like Korea just drives the good teachers away?

Started by potblackettle

what unfoled of the Yong-in teenage murder a few months ago?

Started by river

Suwon Immigration Office

Started by weRborg

Weekend TESOL's offered in cities around Korea.

Started by weigookin74

He Said, She Said. Different view points from a NET and management.

Started by zmffhdl

MOVED: Healthy sandwich fillings - ideas please.

Started by taeyang

Will this feeling pass or is it time to call it a day?

Started by Pandy627

Old People Burning Stuff

Started by Engrish

Does Your Boss Use 반말 With You?

Started by jaysoon17

MOVED: Getting the HPV Vaccine in Korea

Started by taeyang

Soju: World's tops selling alcohol

Started by weRborg

Drug Restrictions: Care Packages

Started by sjones24

Registering an English name on the Korean Birth Certificate

Started by piyopayo

Laptop - buy here or abroad?

Started by mfriend12

MOVED: language study scholarships for americans

Started by taeyang

What places have you traveled to while living in Korea?

Started by TheEnergizer

No!! I am not American!

Started by grajoker

Where are the nerds at? ... (games like Dominion, Bang! etc)

Started by mackattack

MOVED: Gmarket Refund

Started by taeyang

Best place to get a tattoo and a piercing (sensitive skin)

Started by Tiamat

Justin Beiber in Korea

Started by bmym80

phone contract question

Started by gadfly


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