Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Can you only have a phone contract with one company?

Started by tausha12

In memoriam: Steff's Hotdogs in Itaewon

Started by Freeto

In case you're interested in getting a drivers' license...

Started by spilot101

Heating costs?

Started by redleader123

Who the heck is this?

Started by EvilToast

Target Stores Website is Blocked in Korea?

Started by HunterTecherNN


Started by TIC

Water heater woes

Started by ppolicherla91

How to Exit and Re-enter: What are the Rules?

Started by GregSandford

Tax returns! How much are you getting and what to do with it?!

Started by jujubelle

Question about Visa Waiver Program

Started by kyleddick

Speaking of Dokdo...

Started by Rocketman9465

MOVED: Best reshipper?

Started by taeyang

Would you move if you were asked to?

Started by Dadkinson

good korean brands that are similar to keenes shoes?

Started by aisy

Korea Scooter and Motorcycle Club

Started by mjrii87

What's Your School Trip Like?

Started by TheEnergizer

This is how you can watch Netflix and listen to Pandora.

Started by lee233

You live in Korea, so speak Korean

Started by tintin1987

Help! She's filming me at the gym!

Started by jujubelle

Folks take advantage of Happy Point Cards or other aspects of point card culture

Started by isata88

What have you conceded to?

Started by 한소로

Petty thieves at ski resorts abound, lock up your stuff!

Started by koreaiskorea

Question about the phasing out of NETs

Started by Lawrence

The roads near ski resorts when snowing????

Started by koreaiskorea

How much is your gas bill?

Started by tommypatt

Emergency contraceptive/Plan b

Started by lilberry

MOVED: Love Aloud - a new website featuring stories about relationships in Korea

Started by taeyang

Shipping stuff to Canada?

Started by KaizenCanadian

So you aren't an English teacher

Started by uptownt

13 days until I arrive in Korea (really nervous)

Started by peebster04

How not to incite the natives

Started by uptownt

Plastic surgery craze in Korea can be blamed on English

Started by Freeto

MOVED: I was hit by a car and sent to the hospital. Need help figuring out insurance!

Started by taeyang

MOVED: life in Wando

Started by taeyang

Working holiday in Korea

Started by Mokona

is the Korean driving test based on a point system?

Started by curds

Entrepreneurs and future moguls ... what are you trying to work on?

Started by Traveling T.O.

Asking Koreans for Letters of Recommendation/Reference

Started by duncanj

Farewell lunch/snacks for Korean staff?

Started by Evander


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