Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

SKT Last night (perhaps just the yongin/suji area)

Started by valium kilmer

Are E-Mart/Homeplus/Lotte point cards worth it?

Started by damof

Animal Abuse in Korea?

Started by afoolproofplan

Returned Packages

Started by lianhicks

ATM Safety Tips (3rd-Party ATMs)

Started by matthews_world

MOVED: Why South Koreans are killing themselves in droves

Started by taeyang

Gel tips in Seoul

Started by weirdgirlinkorea

Yonsei Graduate School of Education

Started by leonardlee

MOVED: Yongin city life.

Started by taeyang

Arirang channel, thoughts?

Started by a87

Her parents did not approve of me :(

Started by weRborg

PX90 while living in Korea.

Started by specter13

Having a Car in Korea. Is It Worth It?

Started by jaysoon17

SK Phone Plan or Contract?

Started by ciannagh

Slow snail-mail from Europe

Started by cosmogony

Olleh debt problem

Started by hdzdp

Races in Korea?

Started by gtrain83

Bible Studies

Started by Awesomeness

Red hair dye?

Started by hippiebanana13

Olleh Suspension?

Started by Embarr

Getting a cell phone plan with no Korean

Started by ciannagh

Gift Ideas for Principal when leaving school

Started by apancoe

MOVED: Good news for Saffers

Started by taeyang

What is the role of the 'Apartment Manager'

Started by valium kilmer

Intentional English speaking around you?

Started by weRborg

Things you've heard people call you thinking you can't understand

Started by basic69isokay

Spanish in Suncheon

Started by hi_teachuh!

Getting a cellphone without an ARC.

Started by Sweetrevenge355

Cricket in Korea : Players Wanted for 2014 Season

Started by palangi

Qualifications question

Started by spilot101

Amazon Prime worth it while in Korea?

Started by Freeto

reverse culture shock returning to KOREA

Started by basic69isokay

MOVED: Forever 21 Apgujeong or Myeongdong?

Started by taeyang

Driving in Korea - licensing

Started by superjo2092

Most pointless, stupid, BS, etc. work you have done at your school?

Started by gtrain83

MOVED: Problem with Co-Teacher

Started by Davey

Do You Eat On the Go in Korea?

Started by jaysoon17

Wedding Pension near Seoul/ Chuncheon

Started by jaybird

All hell broke loose today in Gangnam as the government sent thugs

Started by Bluesoju

Anyone travel TOO much while in Korea?

Started by mr_spivak


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