Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

Hobbies you miss/can't do while in Korea

Started by Aristocrat

Can Korean SKT phones work in other countries

Started by cashclay

Itís already hot

Started by APH

Should Spanking Be Illegal In South Korea?

Started by JVPrice

What Korean company can deliver cellphones internationally?

Started by cashclay

Minimum wage is now almost equal to am EPIK starting salary.

Started by hangook77

Shambolic Jobs

Started by NorthStar

What would happen to TEFL jobs if SK went into recession?

Started by oikos

Applying directly to MOE with prior experience

Started by tunacookie

Why are dogs a thing here (pets, not food)?

Started by Aristocrat

Newly certified teachers...Where are you?!

Started by Periwinkle


Started by Datasapien

Korea in five words.

Started by Cyanea

Air pollution - bad enough to leave Korea?

Started by pigeonfart

Documentary shows what went wrong in Sewol disaster

Started by Thomas Mc

Best description of life in Korea

Started by HappyPlanetAbuser

Watching American shows/Netflix in Korea

Started by chicagoaninkorea90

Are Koreans intentionally rude, or is it just culture?

Started by Sagi Keun


Started by TexasChicken

How to clean filter of washer?

Started by AngryTypingGuy

Koreans won't yield to a woman carrying her baby

Started by AngryTypingGuy

Getting a driver's license in Korea

Started by chan60067

Dave's is down

Started by T.J.

Exchanged DL from home for Korean license.

Started by Teachersa

Customs ID??

Started by APH

Korea really does have some serious snakes

Started by SPQR

Help getting my pension outside of Korea

Started by NewNu2017

Koreans: Stop walking on the cycle lane!

Started by Cyanea


Started by Kristy teacher

What's the deal with dropping stationery on the floor?

Started by Aristocrat

Why is buying things online so complicated?

Started by APH

Best moving service I used in Korea

Started by barbbui

Korean Air credit card verification

Started by alexisalex


Started by bb459


Started by williamwhite

Whatís the obsession with mechanical pencils?

Started by waygo0k

Thyroid medication

Started by Melonade

FYI: The DMOE has just banned Netflix from school internet networks

Started by jslegacy85

Things Foreigners Should Never Do: Koreans Answer

Started by T_Rex

Where have all the 125cc scooters gone?

Started by obwannabe


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