Life in Korea  - General information regarding Korea, including culture, customs, etc. 

MOVED: Where can I have a bikini alterated???

Started by taeyang

Game Shows and Vacations to Korea

Started by Lawrence

Christians social groups in South Korea on the internet (Facebook)?

Started by amgoalng

If you stay for a year or two in Korea, is it better to bring a desktop or not

Started by LeapOver

Nature swim spots in Korea?

Started by RenateJungRan

Upgrading parts of my apartment, its not going to happen, right?

Started by Jet0716

Buying lunch for other teachers

Started by Jet0716

CoT asking for unwarranted money

Started by Loki88

Magic the Gathering in Korea

Started by kilk_666

MOVED: Night Clubs in Seoul

Started by taeyang

MOVED: Need a Gym (ASAP)

Started by taeyang


Started by taeyang

MOVED: Ordering from out of country

Started by taeyang

Epik doesnt allow pets?really?!

Started by aisy

Why the monthly fluctuations in health insurance and national pension?

Started by kiwikimchi

Seoul Hostel Deals/Bargaining for multiple weekends

Started by grey

Any luck booking bus tickets on

Started by kiwikimchi

What is plastic and what is vinyl?

Started by oatmealkooky

MOVED: Shopping Online

Started by taeyang

MOVED: New Retainer Molds

Started by taeyang

Korean song for Father/Daughter Dance

Started by Wil

MOVED: Build A Bear still in Bundang at AK Plaza?

Started by taeyang

Weight loss in Korea – What is common?

Started by sho

Anyone else afraid that coming to Korea will result in long term health problems

Started by gtrain83

Should the number of hagwons in Korea be managed/regulated?

Started by marshmellow man

Bee Propolis Supplement

Started by Wench

Marrying a Korean fiancé.

Started by Adobe

MOVED: Teachers who live in school housing near Gandong area/Eastern Seoul

Started by taeyang

What does a Korean person mean when they refer to someone as a foreigner?

Started by OogaBooga


Started by TIC

Chuseok 2014 question

Started by aribee

Korean culture conflict?

Started by ohitsgary

Shower thoughts about life here.

Started by BlackBox

Getting medical treatment at night

Started by Row

How much is a running cheap used car in Korea?

Started by LeapOver

Getting a Hircut - Help w/ Korean and more!!!!

Started by Jet0716

The 2014 Boryeong Mud Festival

Started by Foreverparadise

MOVED: Do I need a new air conditioner?

Started by taeyang

how to obtain an international driver's license while in Korea

Started by katana028

Is legit?

Started by kiwikimchi


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