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Iphone 5

Started by JasonB

iPhone 5

Started by valium kilmer

iphone 5S/C discrimintation

Started by AGMS_Superstar

iPhone 6 in Korea Question

Started by K04

iPhone 6: Can I get a plan here?

Started by BigEaredHylian

iPhone 7 coming to Korea - where to buy

Started by waaywaaygoook

iPhone contract transfer SK question

Started by alex.lintzenich

iPhone transfer question

Started by alex.lintzenich

ipin mad confusing to sign up for

Started by blazejohnny03


Started by Natesk8

Ireland's call

Started by munkybutler

Is 18C degrees cold?

Started by lasoro70

Is ActiveX still prevalent there?

Started by williethewimp

Is alien card needed to re-enter Korea?

Started by JDK

Is anyone else having their school closed tomorrow due to the snow?

Started by nespeaker

Is anyone getting Christmas presents for their co-teachers?

Started by lroper16

Is anyone going to SENSATION in SEOUL next weekend?

Started by MilanFan259

Is anyone going to World DJ festival or Ultra (UMF) this year?

Started by sammyjoonhee

Is anyone having trouble booking rail travel for the Seollal weekend (1/27-30)?

Started by Andyman

Is anyone on this forum not an English teacher or professor?

Started by Telephone33

Is April 11th a "holiday"?

Started by Jrong

Is reliable?

Started by misfit

is buying tv cheaper online or at yongsan?

Started by cashclay

Is Costco open today? 2017/05/07 - Need FAST answer!

Started by fdny

Is credit card Carl legit?

Started by debranm

Is Dokdo really worth it?

Started by Artisis

Is Electric Six's song "Gay Bar" popular at your school?

Started by Aqvm

is everyone wearing clothes 3sizes too small???

Started by basic69isokay

Is it "worth it" to visit home for a week?

Started by waywardtimelord

Is it a crime to look happy in Korea?

Started by Cyanea

Is it a good idea to change my Won into Euro?

Started by Kev20

Is it better to have 2 bank accounts

Started by sorala

Is it common to ask for unpaid leave during summer break?

Started by kimchiyum

Is it cool to skip my vice principal's daughter's wedding?

Started by jon-anon

Is it easy for foreigners to get admitted to high level Korean universities?

Started by Scrotes

Is it fair?

Started by cdwyer

Is it getting harder to live here as an expat?

Started by VanIslander

Is it impossible to get internet banking if you have Mac?

Started by sorala

Is it just me or do Koreans rarely wear sunglasses

Started by Aristocrat

Is it just me, or are Koreans getting fatter?

Started by druzzrug


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