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Is pepper spray legal to carry (or buy online/mail to) South Korea?

Started by bscott

Is saying 'It's a cultural thing' a cop out?

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Is Seoul to "foreigner-y"?

Started by Fintim

Is staring a cultural norm in Korea???

Started by Willow

Is taking my jumper off in class rude....?

Started by wandamcbee

Is teaching English making us more stupid?

Started by Telephone33

Is THAAD a First Strike Preparation?

Started by fdny

Is the "Korean Wave" a myth?

Started by fdny

Is the 2nd year really this crappy or should you hold it out?

Started by thejesusman

Is the Bumping into people a Korea phenomenon, or a big city phenomenon?

Started by TheEnergizer

Is the Jisan Valley Rock Festival 2019 happening?

Started by kiwikimchi

is the Korean driving test based on a point system?

Started by curds

Is the milk here sourced from fresh milk or is is from powdered milk

Started by bawaugh

Is the music in clubs the same as in gyms?

Started by BTeacher

Is the pay in Korea worth it?

Started by simw90

Is there a bus from Incheon Airport to gyeongju?

Started by eider

Is there a Chinese community in Korea and where would that be?

Started by money55

Is there a Facebook group for foreign motorcyclists in Korea?

Started by Canonite

Is there a penalty if you don't use the bank account for the "intended purpose"?

Started by teacher1988

Is there a reason After School jobs seem to be more plentiful these days?

Started by PenguinLancer

Is there another foreign order website?

Started by Piggydee

Is there anybody want to be a home chef?

Started by anispoon

Is there anybody want to be Home-chef?

Started by anispoon

Is there anywhere online or anything I can download to help my pronounciation?

Started by spurdosparde

Is there some kind of super virus going around?

Started by JPJP

Is there such thing as monthly bus pass?

Started by sorala

Is this a good enough reason to call in sick?

Started by waygook2016

Is this a good gift for a future mother-in-law?

Started by xxrina

Is this an unknown rule here?

Started by madison79

Is this girl crazy?

Started by phrasalverb

Is this just Korea?

Started by Pecan

Is this man a coward?

Started by Cereal

Is this normal outside of Jeju Island?

Started by madison79

Is this normal?

Started by alexisalex

Is This Odd in Korea?

Started by Foreverparadise

Is this the fastest way to go to prison in Korea?

Started by fdny

Is this the worst autumn ever?

Started by weigookin74

Is This True or Just Paranoid LandLord?

Started by persimmon14

Is viewing "adult material" on the web illegal here?

Started by Toshiba

Is your apartment always dusty?

Started by abushn20


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